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Wibbitz.com: Create Interactive Video from web Content

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Learning through video-based content is much easier, compared to learning through text-based content. Mostly, people prefer Picturised Presentation to explain important subject or matter to client, students or anyone who have less education and knowledge. Opportunity comes on the web to convert your text-based content into interactive video. Wibbitz.com is the latest web-based tool by which users can create Interactive Video from web content. It becomes great tool for Web-Masters to gain the traffic of the website, because posts with videos and photos attracts more readers than text one. Wibbitz generate video in real time so video-based content is always up-to-date. It turns static web content into interactive video including with headlines, video clips, images and more.

Wibbitz.com: Create Interactive Video from web Content

Wibbitz is a web-based tool that founded in 2010 to turn text-based blog posts into an interactive video. It is also known as, “The Play-Button for the Web.” Now you don’t need to read your posts or blogs again, because with Wibbitz, you can browse any WebPages on a 60-second video summarizing all things that you want to know about what is on that page. Zohar Dayan, CEO and Co-founder of Wibbitz, has created the site especially for webmasters or those who get bored to read text-based article. If you are in hurry and do not have time to read complete information, then by converting article with Wibbitz, you can get summary of your posts that becomes helpful to understand article in a very short time.

Creating your very own interactive Wibbitz Player is become possible at wibbitz.com!!! Just by creating your own video player and play button, you enable website users to convert text-based posts and articles into attractive, interactive videos. You can add the Wibbitz Play Button or Player into single article, entire website, or just on a home page. The process of posting your Player on the web is easy, it takes just few minutes. You just need to add one line of embed code to the site and then it will automatically begin generating summarized video-version of your content.

Registration is required to start the use of Wibbitz. Four-step registration is so simple, you just need to post your personal information like name, email address, password and customize your video player by providing player name, website that you want to convert into video, text, selecting primary/secondary color and language, uploading logo and image, and selecting background music that is offered with six choices like piano groove, inspiration, jazzy night, sweet rhythm, urban jungle and breaking news.

After customizing your Player, it will ask URL of RSS feed or link of your manually created feed to add content to Player and at last it gives embed code of created video player that you can add into single article, on home page, or on entire website. Just by providing Wibbitz video player or play button on your blog and website, you and users of the website are enabled to convert desirable text-based article into Interactive Video. You are also able to share this video on Facebook or Twitter, send it by mail, subscribe to a daily video update as well as embed it on website or blog.

Wibbitz video content is offered with static web content like images, headlines and video clips in real-time. It offers users a connecting overview of the website by “video-surfing”. Wibbitz video player brings relevant capture images and video from each post and read title automatically of every blog post loudly. You get the summarized information of your post in just 60-second video clips.

No need to worry about that created video will be opened on mobile device or not, because it supports both Flash videos and HTML5, so that you can enjoy it on PC or mobile device. It also offers zooming feature that permits you to view the full article from within the Player itself. Wibbitz also permits to carry on watching the video from the previous point that you left off.


  • Create interactive video from static online content
  • Videos have headlines, images and video clips
  • Share video on social network or on blog post or website
  • Brings information automatically
  • Supports both Flash videos and HTML5
  • Takes only few minutes for whole creation and customization
  • View the full article with zooming feature
  • Gives summarized information of your post

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