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TypingWeb.com: Free Online Typing Tutor & Keyboarding Tutorial

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Check out a range of typing tests and typewriting games on TypingWeb.com as it will help you to raise your typewriting skills. This free online typing tutor and keyboarding tutorial has lots of varied tutorial software to make your typing perfect and even directs you to learn typing with all your fingers. Typing can become real fun once you learn the basic tricks to Type. TypingWeb also provides officially sanctioned certificates from the Typing Institute of America.

TypingWeb.com: Free Online Typing Tutor & Keyboarding Tutorial

After becoming familiar with the keys on the keyboard, no need to waste time in finding for keys on the keyboard. There are plentiful jobs existing in the market that requires a person to have good typing skills. TypingWeb has come out with several diverse means to make typing interesting to master by keeping the above points in mind. It’s an attractive solution for general public as nowadays everyone wishes to know how to type right.

How it works?

Registration is not required to start the use of TypingWeb.com, however registered users can only get advantage of features including keep track of progress, use more customization options, compete for place in the Hall of Fame and be eligible for official typing certificate. You can even opt for Gold membership in which you have to pay only one time cost of $9.99 (currently 20% off – $7.99) for receiving more superior benefits such as no distracting advertisements, etc.

Just click on the ‘start typing’ option given on the homepage and view different types of courses and lessons. Main topics include Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced course, Specialty and Premium lessons, Certifications, News headline exercises and Your problem keys. There are many sub-sections mentioned under the above topics like top row keys, bottom row keys, venturing out, beginner wrap up, alphabet soups, speed drills and more. Now choose from any category you wish. Suppose you have selected ‘The top row keys’ given under Beginner course, a box will appear that provides description about particular option chosen. Then, press ‘Begin lesson’ and start typing. See all details about your typing speed on the tools available on top like time taken, wpm (words per minute), accuracy, lesson wpm and lesson accuracy. After completing lesson, check lesson average and progress. You can also retake exercise or continue lesson.

One of the great advantages of the site is that registered members can obtain a 100% authentic certification from the Typing Institute of America, which can be much helpful while looking for a job as well as supply the person the vital boost to stand distinct and exclusive in the crowd of people.

Positive points:

  • A free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all ages.
  • Practice typing lessons and tests as well as play different sorts of typing games.
  • No need to download any software to use TypingWeb.
  • Registered users can take benefit of advanced features and services.

Negative points:

  • Loading process takes little time so you have to wait for some period.

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