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PinMyWebsite.com – Pin a Website to the Windows Taskbar

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It becomes possible to pin a website to the windows taskbar with PinMyWebsite.com. Now, you can easily open the website directly from windows taskbar without opening Internet Explorer first. To take advantage of the site, your computer must have windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9.

PinMyWebsite.com - Pin a Website to the Windows Taskbar

PinMyWebsite.com has been launched by Microsoft in 2011 to support website owners to include the pinned site facility to their websites. The main aim behind the creation of the site is that pinned sites gain traffic. With the help of this site, you can access website directly from the windows taskbar without opening browser. It is often full-featured web application that is set with its own navigation, site search and notification of new content. It amaze with HTML 5 and hardware-accelerated graphics.

How it works?

You don’t need registration to start the use of site PinMyWebsite.com. At the starting of the page, you can see demo video. To pin website to the windows taskbar, follow online wizard guide and fill up four steps very carefully. In the first step, provide basic information like your name, email address and site’s name and URL. You also need to select icon for your main site. In the second step you have to file the normally used destinations and tasks that affect to the whole site. In to the website jump list items works as entry point even when the browser is not working.

The third step of the process (Dynamic Jump List) can include items that will automatically modify over time and also provides facility to access updated information like news updates. To take advantage of this service, your site must represent an RSS feed with the items that you would like to show on the jump list. At the last option, add pinning notification bar on the top of your WebPages. Once completing four steps, you can create the code to use on your site. After then users of internet explorer are enable to pin your site.


  • Pin website in to the windows taskbar
  • Open site without opening internet explorer
  • Takes only 36 seconds to complete the process
  • Pinned websites Gain direct traffic


  • Only available for internet explorer 9

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