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Minus.com – Start Sharing Any File Online

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Are you seeking a fast and easy way for sharing files online? If so, then minus.com is the best choice for you where you can share any kinds of file, from documents to music and videos. There is a less chance of spamming because user can only work on the site after registration. It works with drag and drop system that uploads file automatically, so user can share document, photos, and videos in single place without wasting much time.

Minus.com - Start Sharing Any File Online

Minus.com gives a simplest way to share files, which has been launched on 13th October 2010 by Carl and John. A Web-based file sharing tools allows you to share photos, documents, music and videos in seconds. The site is set with motto, “share simply”. There are number of sites that offer sharing file facility with free of charge or take little charge depending on the type and size of the file. Many of these are relatively user-friendly that make the process even simple. But Minus.com is little different from other sites as it makes the file sharing service more easy through a drag and drop system.

How Minus.com works?

To start sharing files on minus.com, you have to enter username, password and e-mail address for registration. Once you register, drag or upload files to the site for sharing. If you want to upload files then you have to hit ‘select’ section. After dragging or uploading files, site gives various links for sharing different files. For image sharing, it gives gallery link, image link, forum code, HTML code, direct link and thumbnail link, while for video sharing it gives embed code, URL of video and download option.

With the help of the site, you can share number of images easily by sending gallery link to other person. You can not make gallery with ‘select’ section because when you upload photo from select section, site makes new gallery. So you can make image gallery by only dragging photos to the site. You can make gallery with maximum 100 photos. It also provides some other options for viewing your files in different style including grid view, linear view, full screen, and lights off or on. Site does not offer any premium membership; it works only with free version. You can not upload files larger than 10 MB.


  • Share any files like photos, documents, music and videos
  • Upload files easily through drag and drop system
  • Upload all type of files but gallery viewing is only available for JPEG, GIF, PNG, APNG and BMP
  • Add maximum 100 photos in each gallery
  • Less chances of spamming because works after registration


  • Don’t allow to upload over 10 MB files
  • Complicated to make Full Gallery

Minus.com tutorial video from youtube:

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