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MentiMeter.com – Simple Survey(Poll) Creation System

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Get an immediate feedback about product or interact with your audience quickly using MentiMeter.com, a simple survey (Poll) creation system tool. Nowadays, most well-known companies are using survey system to get customer review about their products and services. Whether you are a teacher or businessman or politician, MentiMeter is great option to do survey about your students, customers or voters. It enables people to interact with their audience without any cost and registration. People just need to present their question online with few options and permit their audience to vote or poll them using their phones, tablets and any other internet connected devices.

MentiMeter.com - Simple Survey(Poll) Creation System

Creating an online survey is little bit time consuming. For small businesses, MentiMeter is good to get audience poll about their product or service at free of cost. If you are giving a presentation in professional or fun setting, then it becomes best to include interactive elements to stay your audience engaged. Mentimeter is an ultimate tool for business setting, simply for entertainment or during lecture. Through this web-based tool, users can create question, collect answers, and it shows the result in real time. It not only requires internet connected PC to receive audience poll, but also supports tablet, mobile device or any other internet connected device.

Are you connected with academic field? If yes, then use mentimeter to survey your students during a lecture. It is most entertaining way to learn students, ask question about the subject and get immediate answers. No need to follow a long survey process to ask question, within 10 seconds you can present your question online with appropriate options. Users can use any mobile phones like android, apple, blackberry, window or even all older models to vote the question.

Currently, a number of reality shows are running on the TV channels and most of them use audience poll system to select winner so they give mobile phone number, land-line number, website link or SMS number to receive vote. Now they can add mentimeter options for audience poll and it is great way, by which users can vote their favorite contestant at free of cost from their internet connected mobile phone, tablet or PC.

MentiMeter does not require any installation, download, or technical skills to create your question. Creating a question on mentimeter is so easy and simple, you just need to type your question and with a click on button your question is created. After creating a question, add alternative or option, select theme and publish on the site by clicking on ‘To presentation’. Presentation view is available with several diverse themes that you can select manually.

At the end of the process, users are provided unique URL of their created question with domain name vot.rs. When audience opens http://vot.rs in their mobile device, they must enter voter ID of your question, which is offered with unique URL like “http://vot.rs/53108” in which 53108 is voter ID, so when users want to vote your question they have to enter 53108 as a voter Id after opening vot.rs. Once they enter voter ID, they will receive your question and can give their vote by selecting appropriate answer. If you have not given any option for answer, they can write their answer.

When you get answer or vote from your audience, then it will be provided on presentation screen immediately on the graph. You do not require any waiting for updating results, because it gives instantly when voters submit it.

Sometime it becomes necessary to hide the result of voting when you are receiving vote for reality show contestant, or for selecting politics member. With the mentimeter, the result can be hidden until the polling is over from setting menu, which offers hide, close polls or reset option. After receiving satisfactory answers for your question, the process of audience poll can be closed.

There is no limit for creating question, as it enables you to create as many questions as you want. However, the user can vote only one time. It does not offer many features but it is easy and the best way to receive vote. Using embedded code, users can post question on their personal blog or website to receive audience poll. Users are able to manage the question from other computer using administrative link. It gives separate link for public result page, where you cannot edit your question.


  • Easy to use
  • No need of registration, download or installation
  • Ask or create question in real time
  • Permits audience to vote the question using mobile phone, tablet, computer or any other internet connected pc.
  • Show or hide results when they are coming in
  • Stop process when you get perfect answer
  • Create as many questions as you wish
  • Embed your created question on blog or personal webpage


  • Audience can vote only one time

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