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Facebridge.net – Webproxy to access Facebook from restricted places

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No doubt, Facebook is the great platform to connect with friends, relatives, etc. and its popularity is increasing at an unbelievable fast rate. Currently, this social network is used by millions of people across the world, however at some places like schools, workplaces and offices, the access is fully restricted due to lack of productivity, disruption, and excessive personal details sharing. The websites which are most commonly blocked include Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Blogger, eBay, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, Gmail, Bebo, etc. Even, social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Digg are blocked in few countries. So, a big question arises – how to unblock restricted websites? Don’t be upset, web proxy sites are a best solution that helps you hide your identity and access blocked websites. There is no shortage of free online proxy websites, but some of them not work properly or may be blocked. If you are looking for a good web proxy site to access FACEBOOK from the restricted places, then your search ends at Facebridge.net.

Facebridge.net - Webproxy to access Facebook from restricted places

Facebridge.net works wonders if you are using Facebook for educational project and you require having access. It lets you to utilize Facebook in your office, school or else, where its access has been restricted by a firewall or proxy. The site provides an interface similar to Facebook also you will not feel the difference. One can get the advantages of using all the Facebook features available, including update your status that contains with pics, latest updates from your colleagues, wanted to take part in the publications, the events you’ve been invited, etc.

How it works?

As soon as you visit the Facebridge.net website, you will find the neat and clear interface. There are no navigation tabs or links on the site; however it may be because the site is in the beta stage right now. The website is available in just blue, light grey and white colors combination, which is simple yet attractive. Now, you can check your facebook from any place, at anytime with Facebridge.net. Indeed, it is another route between you and Facebook servers, bypassing the limitations of your network. Currently, almost all Facebook features are working, and many new features will be added soon like multiple domains, SSL support, ip access, etc.

You are free from the long process of registration to start the use of the site. Facebridge.net understands that mostly people don’t like to follow lengthy procedure, so they prefer short way as much as possible. And so, from Facebridge website, you can access facebook in only 1,2,3 steps. Simple hit ‘Access Now’ icon placed on the center of the homepage. You will be directed to the facebook homepage, which asks you to enter your login credentials. Now, you are ready to interact with your friends and start doing your favorite activities on facebook. Spread Facebridge to the world by just liking them on Facebook….

Positive points:

  • Use Facebook at any place where its access has been blocked
  • A user-friendly web service available wholly free of cost
  • The best Webproxy for Facebook
  • No lengthy process to follow
  • Enjoy all features of the Facebook
  • Allows you to upload images to Facebook
  • Several new features will be added soon

Negative points:

  • Cannot access other sites except FACEBOOK

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