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Facebook2zip.com: Download Facebook Photos in Zip File

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Get a great storage for all your memorable facebook uploaded photos with Facebook2Zip!!!!! Don’t worry about the storage space capacity and keep all your Sweeeet and Haaaappy memories or your friend’s photo sharing with you in Facebook2Zip. This tool enables users to download all of their personal Facebook pictures in a nice and neat zip file as well as able to download any of your friends’ Facebook photo-collection. Back-up system is the demand for most of the computerized activities; certainly, it works a great if available for Facebook photos too. This necessity gives birth to the innovative system of Facebook2Zip. Just login at Facebook account with this web service and start downloading for individual as well as multiple photo albums.

Facebook2zip.com: Download Facebook Photos in Zip File

Things are becoming much easier with each passing day, now you can maintain all your photos collection effortlessly and FREE…at facebook2Zip. Earlier you need a camera to enjoy snapping but now it becomes cost-free and easy way with the help of amazing Smartphone’s applications. Moreover, people can upload all these pictures from a smart phone to the popular social networking site of facebook and delete pictures after each uploading.

This way, they can greatly economize the minimal space of smartphones and make it capable to welcome new ones. Having such a superior utilities, Facebook has become the only place to access photos with a great ease. Facebook2Zip heavily supports Facebook as it is a separate section dedicated to access photo albums, after all facebook consists with so many other important activities too.

It is not tedious process but incredibly easy to follow, just login with your Facebook username and password and start using Facebook2Zip tool. Initial stage asks you to make selection between you or your friend. For example, your name appears in a box on the left; click your name if you want to download your own photos. Alternatively, if you want to download friend’s photos then start typing the friend’s name in the box on the right. Instantly, it presents the entire list to you so you can select your friend’s name from the list.

At the next step, you or your friend’s albums will appear in a list. Now you just need to check the box to select all download photos from all albums, remember that it is for entire list. If you want to go on for individual album then you can do just with a click or can choose multiple albums by holding the CTRL key and clicking the albums you want. After making appropriate selection, wait for a moment or two so Facebook2Zip would finish covering to the entire selected photos album. When it is done, a green Download button appears, make your command to it and save the zip file to your computer.

When it comes to speed, the service is pretty fast and admirable for conversion of albums to ZIP, but there may be change as it also depends on the number of albums you select. Furthermore, internet connection and related parameters are also considered as prime factors of the speed.

Here, it is necessary to make you clear that you can only access those albums of your friends which you can view on your Facebook account. Certainly, this service is worth a bookmark due to its storage specialty but users are unable to download their photos for offline viewing as well as users cannot make photo download from multiple friends at the same time.

On the other hand, it is useless to worry about the storage space with Facebook2Zip; because it is great option that makes backing up of your Facebook photos very easy.


  • Easy Download for facebook uploaded photos
  • Selection can be done in multiple as well as individual form
  • No need of extra signup, use your facebook login
  • Provides great back up for personal or friend’s photo albums


  • Only access Facebook uploaded photo albums
  • Unable to make photo download from multiple friends at the same time

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