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eBookBrowse.com: Free eBook Search Engine

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e-Nrich… your knowledge with eBookBrowse.com! This is simple Google-like search engine but comes with the unique feature of direct Download. Another strong point of the site is that user can get their relevant search in specified file formats like PDF, DOC, PPS, PPT and more on request. These days, user can get everything on the internet since lots of eBook guides and tutorials are available online. Resource is limitless without any doubt but searching in exact way is really a big deal.

eBookBrowse.com: Free eBook Search Engine

EbookBrowse is Free to use, time saving and simple website that eases search for online documents by using its smart searching way. Enter your query; instantly location of relevant public online documents from sources such as blogs, forums, and others online public documents are displayed in the index form. The site lets user to find the solution to their college calculus textbook or an eBook for a novel; anything that they desired to search on.

They can make their search widely over three million of live PDF and DOC files. At present, there are 3,00,00000 document files in their search database and about 50,000 files are added on daily base. Many social networking sites like Face book, Twitter and more are available at the eBookBrowse.com platform to share the searched file among friends and colleagues. User can get easily access over all these sites just by clicking on the Sharing buttons on the site.

Getting information on the site is as easy as of counting 1, 2, 3… because site features on a smart search tool that shows the name of the book or document which you want to get along with the file type for the same. If your computer is outdated and you want to play it safe, you can request that only PDF files are looked up likewise you can specify any other file format for your search also.

One can start their search by typing the title of the document, book name or any keywords related to search in the search box and they will find their ebook in the search results; afterwards they just need to click on dropdown link to open it. Also, the site enables users to see all the documents that people have searched mainly during the past week or month; it means users can search over the available record of searched files on the Home page.

If user’s prospected search will match to any of available result then click on it and file will open instantly along with the top three options of Download, Add to your document and Embed. Download of searched file is unique function of the site that can distinguish this new site from others. In the Embed option, user can copy and paste the provided code directly into their blog or website as well as user can add the same file in their document by clicking on Add to your document. There are several types of categories like Books, Finance, Education, Computers & Internet, Technology and many more to classify the added file.

Registration is not required for searching, but at the time when you get your suitable one and want to add that to your account, you must have to be registered on the site. There are some other additional benefits of being a member like user get chance to connect and discover with people of similar interests and share their documents by clicking on social networking sites.


  • Registration is not required for searching.
  • User friendly web service.
  • Search results include the title, format, and size details of each document.
  • Search for eBooks and other online documents.
  • Format-specific searches for documents.
  • Documents can be downloaded or read on the site.
  • Documents can be shared on social networks.
  • Save or Add documents in your account.
  • Previous record available at the site to ease your search.
  • 3,00,00000 document files in their search database.
  • Use smart search tool.
  • Format filters for PDF, DOC, etc. are available on request.
  • Search results include the title, format, and size details of each document.
  • Free to use, time saving and simple website.
  • Search with a book name or any related keywords.
  • Copy post code and move the file anywhere with Embed option.
  • Directly add to your account and access according to time convenience.


  • Need some new innovative tools in search function.

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