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Docupub.com: Convert, Merge, Compress or Resize Documents

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Generally, people feel bored when they use different sites to convert, merge, compress or resize documents, so everyday they search innovative way to do all things at one place. Now, their search may be completed at Docupub.com because at this place they can convert, compress, merge and resize their document very easily. Docupub.com has been started in 1999. Using the Docupub.com, you can create PDF from any window applications, reduce the size of large PDF documents as well as merge as many as document in one time.

Docupub.com: Convert, Merge, Compress or Resize Documents

How it works?

Docupub.com provides 4 services to users including online converter, compress PDF, merge PDF, and resize PDF; all are working differently. User can use all services without any registration or installation.

Site allows you to convert any document and Image file in many formats like PDF, BMP, JPEG, Postscripts, EPS, TIFF, PCX, PDF/A, PNG, etc. To convert a file, you have to follow simple three steps, in which first you have to select conversion setting like output format, compatibility, Auto-rotate page, and resolution; after that select the file that you want to convert and delivery method either “wait for conversion in browser” or “email me a link to the document”. It supports maximum 5MB file in size.

You can compress, merge or resize your documents. Through compress tool, set your file and image compression as per your choice, in which you can set quality and color/grayscale image compression as well as remove bookmark, PDF forms, PDF layers, annotations, page label, and article threads.

Site allows you to merge as many as file you want. To merge the file, you just need to upload your PDF file from computer; there is no other option to upload file. You can also set the size of your PDF file by selecting page size, custom page size, units, scale, and place of content.


  • Convert Image and PDF file in some popular format
  • Compress PDF file
  • Merge as many as PDF file
  • Resize the PDF file
  • Reduce the size of large PDF file
  • Upload maximum 5MB file in size

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