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Classpager.com: Run live classroom polls over SMS

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Mobile phones are becoming a necessity and addiction in today’s era, so it becomes difficult to see anyone without this device. Compared to elders, kids take more interest in the mobile phones due to its fast texting and game services. Now-a-days many children have their own mobile phone, so it becomes tricky for teachers to keep their students engaged in the classroom that’s why they always complaints that their students don’t concentrate on their studies as well as they chat with their friends every time and even during the classroom. The time has come to make your difficulty to your power with Classpager.com that gives safe, free and easy way for teachers to text message with students and parents. With this new functionality, teachers become able to send text update to your parents and your mobile device during or after school. Now, students can get up-to-date with classroom activities without attending classroom.

Classpager.com: Run live classroom polls over SMS

A very useful communication tool, ClassPager is the creation of Brain Racer that permits teachers and students to communicate with each other through text message without revealing phone number and email address. Many teachers think that it is not easy to include the latest technology on their classroom to make education more easy and entertaining. But with ClassPager, it becomes so easy. Most of the students don’t like to engage in the class as well as become bored or embarrassed to answer questions, so they bunk their classroom. ClassPager gives opportunity to interact with students via SMS and run classroom polls in real-time to evaluate everyone’s understanding.

ClassPager is great for teachers to show homework assignments, schedule changes as well as conduct live classroom polls or Q&A sessions. It becomes more useful for teachers compared to students because teacher uses a web interface for all activities while student uses their mobile phone as normal. At this place, students can connect with teachers to ask for help or get updates of their class.

If you are a teacher and want to get benefit of the Classpager, then you just need to create your profile at classpager.com by providing email address and password and details about your name so that your students can call you, country name, and name of the first class that you would you like to use on Classpager. It works only for United States or Canada, so don’t try it if you live in any other country. After completing registration process, it gives ClassPager’s phone number that you can share with your students for connecting with you. It also creates a free ClassPager code for your classroom just like @kenaaz.

To pull your students and their parents, you need to share the unique code with them. Just by using this unique code, students and parents can interact with you on ClassPager. When student or parent send text to ClassPager with that code and phone number, they will be enrolled automatically in the class. Any message that you mail from ClassPager will be delivered to all people who are enrolled. If you get answer from them, then you can start chatting with them. No need to worry about exposing your phone number, because teachers can see only your name. Students can send messages using any mobile device.

Teachers see the students on the dashboard as well as they have right to change the name and remove them. It gives 140 characters limit for Text messages. When you send message to your students, it will be saved on the screen. Students receive the text with your class pager number. Students can respond your text instantly, and you will get it on student’s dashboard displaying with their name.

Class pager is completely free for first class, but it takes some charges for multiple classes. Through the network, teachers can send message individually or in group. For any reason, if you want to stop this service as well as stop getting updates from your teachers, then you just need to send “Stop” message to that phone number. Overall, the use of Class Pager is great to inform important news to students and their parents from your class. You are also able to send out homework reminders and some wishes like congratulations for a job well done.


  • Gives one number for students and teachers to text
  • Does not reveal your real phone number with text message
  • Send messages individually or in groups
  • Completely free for one class
  • Does not take any charges from students
  • Works with every cell phone
  • Run live classroom polls to ensure every student understands a topic
  • Teachers can send homework reminders for upcoming assignments
  • Get instant responses and feedback
  • Best for any kind of Q & A session
  • Interact with any student during or after school


  • Send only 140 character message

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