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Brief.ly: Shorten multiple links Together

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Sometimes people face little difficulty to share multiple links with others. But now, it has become so convenient at Brief.ly where you can shorten multiple links Together. By shortening several links, you can share it at once.

Brief.ly: Shorten multiple links Together

Brief.ly is a latest multiple URL shortening service that provides one short URL to point to multiple links at once. It is one of the most helpful tools that have been founded recently. Users can view sites list that is consolidated into one link. The facility to share multiple links with one URL is great resource for users of micro blogs and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

How it works?

To shorten multiple links together, you just need to copy/paste or type your links in one per line. You can also give small description about each site by clicking on wrench icon. Once you entered your all links, hit the scissor icon that create the sites and see all possible short links. You can share shorten link with other people who will receive list of sites by just clicking on the link.

Site also offers some advanced features for more demanding users. It is able to give the complete collection of names and contents. Even, you can select custom URL, where the whole thing can be accommodated. People can use its all advanced features with free of charge.


  • Now forget registration
  • Shorten multiple links in just few seconds
  • Share many web pages at once
  • You can compile more than 30 links for your mailing-to-send to be opened in just one click
  • Link editing or re-routing any time, any place

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