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Airtelmoney.in: Login to Transfer/Load Cash in Mobile

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Cell phone is the first thing which we carry all the time for several needs like make a call, use internet, enjoy music, and much more.. Today’s mobile phones are much more than just a communication…..as lots of things like online shopping, transfer money, recharge phones, make payments, and more can be possible through mobile phone. No need to worry about theft of money while going for shopping, because technology has made our lives very convenient in order that you can now carry cash with your mobile phone and make payment for almost everything. Maybe, you cannot believe in this sentence but India’s largest telecommunication company, Bharti Airtel has made this possible by introducing mobile wallet service called “Airtel Money“, which enables you to transfer money between two Airtel money wallet and bank accounts, enjoy cash free shopping and payments at restaurants, shopping malls, local retailers, etc. To enjoy mobile wallet service, people have to purchase a new 64K Airtel Money enabled SIM.

Want to transfer or load cash from anywhere just from your mobile, then login to Airtel Money portal (www.Airtelmoney.in) where you can get money, load money, send money and do many more.

Enjoy personal bank account on your mobile with Airtel Money, India’s first mobile based service. It was introduced in 2011 by Airtel M Commerce Services Limited (AMSL). Now, this fast, simple and secure service is available across 300 main cities of India. Apart from serving as an easy option to cash/card payment options, it also offers convenience of instant money transfer service. Just by loading cash on the mobile device, you can pay utility bills and recharges; transact online across the country, shop from more than 7000 merchant outlets, etc. This service has been launched first in Delhi NCR and in Chennai on a trial basis.

Activating Airtel Money service is so simple and easy to understand for any people. There are three choices for subscribing Airtel money service – dial *400# or register on www.airtelmoney.in, or visit the nearest Airtel money retailer, where you have to fill up an application form attaching KYC documents including 1 copy of address proof, 2 copies of identity proof and 1 passport size photo.

For online registration, you have to submit an online form with all required details – mobile number, name, date of birth, mother’s name and select mPIN. As soon as you submit an online registration form, it will send unique code in SMS on your mobile number, which is necessary to activate your account. Punch unique code and get instant access to Airtel money. You will get activation message on mobile number. Never share your mPIN with anyone else. After you have activated your account, just dial *400# and pay for host of services like prepaid recharge, utility bills, postpaid bills and DTH recharge.

There are total three types of accounts including express account, power account and super account to load cash in mobile. Each account is offered with different features and services. Airtel money express account gives ability to load cash up to Rs. 10000 per day through Airtel money and Rs. 5000 per day if done through retailer. With power account and super account, you can load cash up to Rs. 50000, but the use of both accounts is totally different, you can use power account for spending or sending money, while you can use super account for sending or withdrawing money. The most important thing of super account is that you can load cash up to Rs. 25,000 via retailer.

To enjoy the service, first load money in to your Airtel Money account with an appropriate account. You have to enter mobile number, amount and payment details for loading cash in to your account. You can use either government or non-government bank for transferring funds to your Airtel money account.

Recharge your prepaid mobile or DTH connection or Pay bills for an entire range of Airtel services at your fingertips with Airtel Money service. No need of visiting an official location of utility bill collectors as well as visiting theater for booking movie tickets, because everything can be made using this single account. You don’t need to follow any long process, for using this service, you just need to dial *400# and select appropriate service that you would like to do through Airtel Money account. For example: Paying utility bills through Airtel money, just Dial *400# and Select “Pay Bills & Buy”.

Airtel money service is not limited to recharge prepaid account or paying bill, but it can be used to pay at physical merchants like restaurants, spas, cafes and more. How would you feel when you come to know that you can use Airtel money service for online shopping too? Yes… it is absolutely true, you can do online shopping from some selected online merchants with this account that are Airtel, Airtel Digital TV, rechargeitnow.com, India plaza, etc.

Satyamev Jayate is the Star Plus program based on the real story of humans who are suffering in the life. We all know that helping hand is better than praying Lips; now you have a chance to help needy people. No need of going to any charity for donating money, as now you can donate money through Airtel money account.

It takes Rs. 50 as a registration fee and for monthly subscription fee it takes Rs. 5. It does not take any charges to load cash at Airtel money retailer, recharge mobile/DTH account, pay telephone bills, and shop at over the counter merchants. You have to pay Rs. 5/- for paying utility bills per transaction.

Reduce the hassle of visiting bank for sending money to friends & family through your mobile as now Airtel money account allows users to send money to bank accounts or to other Airtel money accounts. Only power account customers are eligible for these features, so do not try to transfer money with express or super account. Customer can send money to Airtel money customer with the use of receiver mobile number and amount & mPIN. Transferring money to bank account can be made through Airtel money, you just need to enter receiver’s bank account details like a/c no., IFSC code, and a/c holder name as well as specify amount & confirm with mPIN.

You can also take the advantage of Airtel special offers for prepaid, postpaid, fixed line, digital TV service, utility payment, etc as well as food and beverages, online shopping, travel, entertainment and retail offers.

Mostly people prefer offline payment for any service due to the threat of identity attacks, but lack of information about nearest retailers they select online service. Here, you can locate your nearest Airtel retailer to register for Airtel money, load cash into your mobile and make payment just by selecting state or city.

If you have any doubts about where you can use Airtel Money account, then Airtelmoney.in is the most convenient way to find place where you can use Airtel Money. Just by selecting state, city and merchant category, you can directly get the list of merchant locations. With your Airtel money account, you can check complete details about you used and available balances, so you can easily plan your next shopping.

Good points:

  • 100% secure, safe, simple and intuitive
  • Use mobile phone for more than communicating and messaging
  • No need of credit cards and debit cards
  • Reduce the risk of theft of money
  • Load cash into your mobile
  • Recharge your prepaid, postpaid, DTH service
  • Pay utility bills like electricity bill, telephone bill, etc.
  • Enjoy cash free shopping
  • Use it at physical merchants like restaurants, shopping malls, local retailers
  • Book or purchase movie tickets
  • Enjoy Airtel special offers and some other offers
  • Enables to search nearest retailer from where you can register Airtel money or load cash into your account
  • Search merchants where you can use Airtel money service
  • Use service with three different accounts including express, power and super
  • Transfer money between two Airtel wallet service and bank accounts with power account
  • Register in the service either by dialing *400#, registering at Airtelmoney.in or visiting Airtel local retailers
  • Enjoy online shopping service from some selected online merchants
  • With super account, load 25000 cash through Airtel retailers
  • Easily monitor your current balance and track where you spend it and when you spend it
  • Does not take any charges to load cash at Airtel money retailer, recharge mobile/DTH account, pay telephone bills, and shop at over the counter merchants

Bad points:

  • Load maximum 5000 amount through retailers with access or power account
  • Takes registration fee or monthly subscription fee

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