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Verbling.com – Speak with Native Speakers to learn a Language

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Most of people want to improve their foreign language skills to interact and communicate with other people who speak same language and for that they spend lots of money on language learning coaching class. Now, they have opportunity to learn new language at Verbling.com by using video chat technology. Through this innovative web service, they can instantly connect with native speakers’ world wide via live video to help each other learn a new language.

Verbling.com - Speak with Native Speakers to learn a Language

Verbling is a new, free website founded in July 2011. A one-to-one language learning platform is built by using P2P video technology to connect people around the world in order that they can learn foreign language from each other. At this site, people can learn and teach language. It may become a best way for students who are trying to learn a language to obtain some precious practice with native speakers of that language. Site matches native speakers of a language with people who give anything for learning that language. English and Spanish learners are key users of the site.

Due to the lack of opportunity to practice with native speakers, people can not reach at the fluency of language. Language learning software or Academic classes teach grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening, but they do not provide native speakers to students for practicing. Verbling learning program is based on time session. It is structured in 5 minutes English or 5 minutes Spanish session. At this site, users can not waste their time for browsing each other’s profile like other existing online language communities, and learners.

How it works?

Registration must be compulsory to speak with Native Speakers to learn that language. At the time of registration, you have to specify your name, email address, password and language which you want to learn and which one you already know. Currently, you can learn only three languages from the site including English, Spanish, and Arabic. Once you registered in the site, you will automatically connect with native speaker of the language which you selected during registration. After then both the person can converse using audio and video. For each language, site gives 5 minutes so both of them can take benefit from the session. Learners can use these 5 minutes for learning pronunciations, colloquial expressions, and several other valuable things. Daily Verbling hosts two conversation sessions at 3pm (ET) and 10pm (ET), so users can converse with Native Speakers of language during its specific time session. Users can talk with number of different speakers in every session.


  • Learn language by conversing with native speakers
  • Allows you to teach native language
  • Supports audio and video conversations
  • Talk with different speaker in each session


  • Supported only three language English, Spanish and Arabic
  • Provides very little time for conversation
  • Speak only during its conversation sessions

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Monthly unique visitors of Verbling.com

User Reviews

3 User Reviews of Verbling.com – Speak with Native Speakers to learn a Language
  1. Yunn says:

    I want to practise with some native speakers of English for speaking skill.

  2. Jake Jolis says:

    I’m a co-founder of www.verbling.com and just wanted to comment briefly so that readers understand the full scope of Verbling.

    We are currently launched for English and Spanish conversation exchange, although we will launch more languages in the future once enough interest has been demonstrated. You can show interest in new languages by making an account today.

    You can speak for as long as you want on Verbling–no limit! You only switch between English and Spanish every 5 minutes, so that both sides get equal practice.

    You can practice any time of day or night that you find another native speaker online. If you log in during a session, you will be matched faster, but our conversation exchange is open 24/7.

    Thanks for the review!
    Good luck practicing in Verbling!

  3. fatima zahra lkadah says:

    ana bgit nacharak m3akam minfadlikom lakan momkin bgit nt3alam ferenci lakan momkin

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