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UpHail.com: Find Out Best Transportation Time, Price and Availability

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To determine which ride-sharing service is best suitable for you, visit UpHail.com. Here, you can find out availability, rates, coupon and promo codes, and more of two best and most popular ride-sharing companies – Uber and Lyft.

Uber and Lyft are two best and most popular ride-sharing companies based in San Francisco. At present, thousands of people use this transportation service to hire driver for their car. So, people always get confused between Uber and Lyft and can’t determine which ride-sharing is best suitable for them easily. But no more now…because by using UpHail.com, you can easily understand the main differences between Lyft and Uber so you can choose best ride-sharing service for you. UpHail.com is a real-time rideshare intelligence where anyone can compare transportation time, price and availability of their favorite ride-sharing services. It is very simple and user-friendly online tool, you just need to enter origin and destination to get fare. Along with estimated fares, it also provides available car service of Uber and Lyft.

UpHail.com: Find Out Transportation Time, Price and Availability

UpHail online service has been launched to solve all these questions – How much will the taxi cost? Which cost less to get to the airport, Uber or Lyft? Which ride sharing service is presented in my city? And many more. UpHail is founded by Avi Wilensku to find out the most current promos, money saving rates, available vehicle types, and any add-on fees or surcharges. In near future, you will get other competing ride-sharing service in to the platform. UpHail also plans to expand their service to Canada, South America, Europe and Australia very soon.

Like other search engine, you don’t require any registration or login to discover transportation time, price and availability. You just need to visit UpHail.com and enter your origin and destination to find out fares. Whenever, you enter origin and destination, you will get estimate fare and rates of both ride-sharing service Uber and Lyft. In addition, you can also get details of available car services. Here, you can enter any metropolitan area to get side by side comparison of Uber and Lyft. Keep in mind most important things that your trip must be less than 100 miles. So whenever you enter your travelling destination for which you would like to hire car, first you have to check out the distance between of two points.

There is also location map on the homepage. Users can select their suitable destination directly from the map and get price and availability of ride-sharing service. It is a really best online tool for driver, passenger and mentor to discover estimated transportation price. By checking Up Hail, Savvy riders can save huge amounts.

If ride-sharing company is offering special discount for some region, then you can also get details about it on UpHail.com. From the FAQ page, users can get short and sweet answers of both on-demands rideshare services like cleanup fee, which company provides surge maps service, etc.


  • Free and easy to use
  • No require registration
  • Find out Transportation Time, Price and Availability by entering origin and destination
  • Get estimated fare and rates of Uber, UberX and Lyft
  • Access city wise fare detail by using location map


  • Trip must be less than 100 miles to get fares
  • Does not provide exact fares

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