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TrainMan.in – Prediction of Your chances of getting confirmed Train Ticket

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Predict chances of getting confirmed train ticket with scientific mathematical prediction system of TrainMan.in and also find out status of your waitlisted PNR.

Indian railway has spread all over India same as blood vessels are spread in our body. Middle class and even rich Indians like to travel through railway as it has so many trains and routes to touch almost every part of India. But one problem with trains is that you need to reserve your ticket in advance otherwise there will be less chances of getting confirmed tickets. Many people have to book their train tickets on the last moment and they might not get tickets due to lack of seat availability. Now whenever you want to book your train tickets in emergency, you can easily predict availability of tickets at TrainMan.in.

TrainMan.in help to predict your chances of getting confirmed Train Ticket

Ticket availability prediction procedure of TrainMan.in:

Trainman is an illusionary website that helps you to predict the chances of getting confirmed train tickets in Indian Railway. It is great idea to plan your train journey with more accuracy and confirmed tickets. Trainman goes beyond the common procedure of berth availability and guides you with higher accuracy for getting confirmed tickets. Trainman gives you facility to compare tickets of various trains with percentage of ticket availability. It also shows you confirmation chances of your waiting tickets.

An illusionary Trainman tries to think scientifically by mimicking the human way of predicting things. It checks out more than 100,000 PNR and applies various scientific prediction methods to give you near to perfect confirmation about your tickets. Trainman puts its main focus on various ups and downs in ticket confirmation scenarios to apply it in various mathematical forms and give you prediction about chances of your ticket’s confirmation.

You will get prediction information at trainman.in in the form of percentages. 65% or above shows the higher chances of getting your tickets confirmed in a particular train. Whereas ticket availability between 50% to 65% point out towards fewer chances of getting ticket confirmation. Less than 50% shows you unlikely chances of your ticket confirmation so you should check other trains. Thus, next time when you want to book your tickets, visit trainman.in to find out various trains with ticket availability.

Steps to use trainman to predict chances of getting confirmed ticket:

  • Visit the official site trainman.in from your internet enabled computer
  • Enter “To” and “From” railway station name in proper window
  • Enter your journey date
  • Select your class and quota
  • Click on “find trains” button
  • You will get whole list of trains with ticket availability percentage

Other way – To know chances of getting confirmed ticket, enter your PNR number and click on “get status” button to check status of your ticket.


  • 24×7 site to find out ticket availability
  • Offers real time information
  • Number of train option with ticket availability is available to book tickets
  • Free of cost searching for ticket availability


  • Only one option to search ticket availabilities with the departure and arrival destination i.e. no direct search for particular train

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