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Tdscpc.gov.in: Login to TRACES Portal for Justification Report, Form 16A Form, Challan status

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Tax Payers, Deductors, and PAOs can now register in TRACES PORTAL (tdscpc.gov.in) to download Justification Report, Form 16/16A, console file and view Challan status.

Gone are the days when paying direct tax, utility bills, and more were a dreadful, tedious task….No need to waste time, money and energy or no need to stand in long queue, write cheques or fill four page challans for payment of tax; as it is just a click away now with online service. Now, you can pay or file your tax to the tax department right from your desktop as per your convenience. If you are filing a tax online then you may be familiar with tin-nsdl.com that is created by Income Tax Department of India (ITD) for renewal current system for collection, processing, monitoring and accounting of direct taxes utilizing information technology. But now, new TDS website Tdscpc.gov.in has replaced Tin-Nsdl. TRACES (TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System) is an online portal created by TDS Centralized Processing Cell of the income-tax department for viewing of statement status, challan status, and annual tax credit statements; submitting refund request, downloading of Conso file, Justification Report, and Form 16 / 16A.

Download form online

TRACES is specially created for Deductors/Collectors, PAOs (Pay Account Office) and Tax Payers to make their work easier than ever. It is created by using latest technology to enhance swift interaction between the deductor, deductee, income-tax department and CPC. Every user must require online account to view functionalities allowed for each user. Deductors/Collectors can view the status of challans, view TDS/TCS credit and verify PAN of tax payers connected to the deductor/collector.

TRACES has included components like tax information network, automated TDS challan matching, TDS defaults processing, IVR/call centre, and web portal. For deductor and deductee, it provides features like online registration of TAN, online filing of TDS statements, online corrections of TDS statements, dashboard giving summary of Deductors account, default resolution, view form 26AS, download Form 16/16A/Consolidated TDS File, and grievance registration and resolution.

However, taxpayer can access the annual tax credit for their PAN for the TDS/TCS amount collect by collectors. Tax payers are also able to view statement for a particular financial year and Quarter if it has been filed by deductor. They can download 16B form as buyer. PAOs can view statement status of that is filed by the DDOs mapped together with the dashboard view of 24G statement details.

Registration must be required for all users to access the benefits of this new portal. If you have already TIN account, then you don’t need to register again on TRACES. You can login at TRACES with their NSDL-TIN login details. However, you can use tin login detail only for single time after that you have to create new ID immediately. One can not create new account on NSDL site.

Registration steps for TAX payers:

  • Click on register tap on the homepage and select type of user, “Tax payer” from drop-down menu.
  • In the first step, provide validation details like PAN number, Date of birth, last name/surname, first name, middle name.
  • Provide the values of either TAN of deductor, who has deducted TDS from the Tax payer from April 1, 2011 onwards and the deduction details or Challan serial number and amount for the selected assessment year for any tax paid by the tax payer and continue the process.
  • After that, enter address and communication details for your TRACES account. It can be different from the details given while applying for PAN.
  • To enter landline number, both STD code and phone number are mandatory
  • Click on next to continue
  • In the next page, give login details like USER ID (PAN of TAX Payer), enter password, select a security question and enter its answer, click on create a account
  • After that, confirm your provided detail on confirmation screen
  • Success message will be displayed confirming registration of TAN with TRACES, click here to go home page
  • After successful registration, it will send activation link on registered email ID as well as sent activation codes on registered email ID and mobile number.
  • Open activation link; enter USER ID and activation codes.
  • After activation, one can login in TRACES. For login, they have to enter user ID, password, PAN number, and enter the text as displayed in verification code.
  • Once you login in the site, you can view form 26AS, view and edit profile.

Enjoy features after registration:

  • Once you become a part of the site, you will be able to convert form 26AS Text File to Excel File and download form 16B.

Steps to make registration as deductor/deductee:

  • For registration, open registration link and select user type, “deductor”
  • You can get more detail about each field just by clicking on help icon.
  • On the registration page, enter TAN number and tax as displayed in verification code and then click on proceed to “continue”.
  • After that, enter your token number related to financial year, quarter and form type. If deductor has no BIN details, then they don’t need to enter BSR, Challan Serial Number, CIN details for a challan used in the statement.
  • By clicking on guide link, you can identify suitable PAN amount combinations
  • PANs entered must be necessary for those payments, which have been made through CIN/BIN.
  • After giving above detail, deductor has to enter organization detail like tan/pan detail, DOB/PAN of authorize person, father’s name of authorized person; address details; communication details like phone number, mobile number and email address and click on next to proceed.
  • In the next step, enter login details like User ID, and Password and click on create account tab.
  • As soon as you click on create account, it will display confirmation screen, at which confirm your provided detail to forward process.
  • After confirmation of your details, you will get success message and get activation link on your email address and activation code on your email address and on mobile.
  • Open link and provide the details like User ID, and activation code received through email and SMS and submit it.
  • Then, visit login page and enter User Id, Password and TAN number for login.

There are a more features for deductor:

  • Download NSDL Conso File
  • Download Justification Report
  • Download Form 16
  • Download Form 16A
  • TRACES PDF Generation Utility
  • Digital Signature
  • Request for Refund
  • Online Correction

Registration steps for PAO:

  • Open login page and select type of users – ‘PAO’
  • Enter validation details like receipt number of form 24G, AIN registration with TIN
  • In the next steps, enter details of the latest accepted regular 24G statement and details of statement summary as per section 6 of form 24G with receipt number like count of distinct DDOs, number of entries in item 5, Total TCS/TDS amount, Total TDS/TCS paid to government account.
  • After then, provide organization details like PAN number, name, date of birth, and designation of PAO/CDDO/DTO; communication details and address.
  • Enter user ID and Password and click on create account and then confirm detail.
  • It will send activation link and activation code after confirmation
  • Open it and enter user ID and activation code to activate account.
  • And then, you can login anytime in the Tdscpc using user ID, password, AIN for PAO, and verification code.

Features for PAO:

  • View statement status of particular TAN
  • Dashboard View
  • Manage Profile

Really, Tdscpc is really great service than NSDL TIN. There are many reasons to consider TRACES instead of NSDL TIN. It gives ability to view form 16/16A, PDF generator/convertor, consolidated FVU file, justification report, TDS statement status, view challan status, view TDS credit for a deductee, and consolidated TAN-PAN file. You can take advantage of all these features with NSDL TIN.

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