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Stormboard.com – Brainstorm & collaborate with team using realtime whiteboard & sticky notes

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Stormboard is an attractive and easy-to-use brainstorming and collaboration tool, letting you to add ideas, images and videos to a shared online whiteboard. Every fast-growing company faces a challenge of effectively capturing, organizing and prioritizing ideas across distinct places. For this purpose, Stormboard is here to help – it allows teams to brainstorm and collaborate with a real-time online sticky notes and whiteboard. Both large and small companies can use Stormboard to connect distributed teams. It offers key sharing features, and a wide range of templates to use as the background for mind maps and organized visual thinking. Both free and paid plans are available for user convenience. Stormboard is 1 minute to learn and 5 minutes to master; you can invite your entire team and be creative with stormboard immediately. It works in the browser, on your tablet, laptop, or phone.

Stormboard - an online brainstorming and collaboration platform

If you are searching a place for a group or team to simply post ideas on a general wall, then this is a good application. It can be used in a face to face meeting or a distance education setting. Using this online application and an overhead projector, the team can discuss easily various ideas to put in a project strategy and content. Moreover, the platform lets you to upload photos onto the board in order to further boost ideas and creativity. Members of the team can also give comment to photos. Voting pin is given on each sticky note in order that all the team members can observe which ideas are more liked by team members. Participant is allowed to vote just one time.

StormBoard’s free version is appropriate for those who discuss ideas in small groups. It allows you create unlimited storms however restricts you to add 5 members in each storm. In case you want to collaborate with over 5 members, then you’ll have to upgrade to the paid version available for $5 and $10 per user per month. As well, paid subscriptions let you import of Excel, CSV and text files to your Stormboards. How it works? Visit Stormboard.com and register on the site to begin making storms. Once you have successfully signed up, you will reach at your dashboard on which you can create storms, or select to join storm just by typing the Storm ID and Storm key. To create storm, first you have to click on ‘Create a Storm’ button, given on top right corner. Then give a name to your storm and select any storm template from education, matrix, sales, section, admin, etc. Enter Storm goal/description. Invite your team by mentioning their email addresses, and hit ‘Create’ button.

Stormboard dashboard

Once storm is produced, it redirects you to the real time collaborative whiteboard, where it gives you a range of virtual sticky notes: Notes, Image, Video, Stack, Document, and Sketch. You can easily drag all these virtual stickies from one place to another. Note that Stack and Document options are available to use in paid versions only. Sticky are usual traditional sticky notes, where you can mention your idea that you want to share. With Image option, you can browse any picture from your PC since it supports all well-known image formats including JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP, etc. Using Video option, you can share any video by entering YouTube or Vimeo URL. Sketch gives you a sketching board and a brush for drawing any type of sketches. Different colors are provided below these stickes, which can be used for assigning to your virtual sticky notes. You can view the number of people who have joined your Stormboard to collaborate, and simultaneously you can choose to invite members by hitting the “+” plus button. In case you want to transform an idea, simply press the Gear icon, or right-click the idea. After that, you can change the color, copy or move, delete, make the title sticky, or lock sticky, if necessary. An activity panel is provided to track all the activities that happened in last 24 hours. Using Toggle Finder and a Zoom slider, you can drag & navigate, and Zoom on whiteboard, respectively. If you want to give your opinions for the ideas, just press the ‘Comment’ option given on every sticky note. For group discussions, just hit the ‘Chat’ option. Moreover, you are able to make a link for sharing with your friends, colleagues, or other team members. Your Stormboard can be viewed by previously registered members of this online brainstorming tool by sharing your Stormboard ID and Key. Positive points:

  • Quite stylish and handy online brainstorming tool
  • Ideal for remote teams
  • Both free and paid versions offered
  • Works in the browser, on your tablet, laptop, or phone
  • Create a storm easily and then invite others to join
  • Collaboratively discuss ideas on a real time whiteboard
  • Different types of virtual sticky notes
  • Add ideas, photos and videos to a shared online whiteboard

Negative points:

  • Video upload is not intuitive

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