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Mylpg.in: Book, Track & Link Aadhaar Card to LPG Cylinder

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LPG consumers who are quite busy in their daily work can use Mylpg.in to book cylinder, track history, register for new connection, link Aadhaar card to LPG cylinder, etc.

Gone are the days when you needed to visit your LPG cylinder distributor and stand in long queues for various LPG related services. Now LPG consumers can carry out all activities relating to their LPG connection online at Mylpg.in from the comfort of their home and office at any time completely at their convenience. This web portal lets users to book cylinder online, register new connections, switch between distributors and many more.

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Mylpg.in is easy and free to use. It has user-friendly web interface. The site can be accessed 24X7 via any Internet-enabled device: Smartphone, Laptop or PC. Government launched this web portal with an aim to create transparency in distribution of LPG cylinders across the country. Mylpg.in saves your time as you perform all service facilities of LPG online at one place.

To get started, all you have to do is just select your LPG connection company: Indane, Bharat Gas or HP and get register with the site by providing your consumer number & registered mobile number. Once done, you can book your cylinder, register new LPG connection, view booking history or track booking & delivery dates online through a single click.

You can get details about DBTL scheme and even join the scheme, download DBTL related forms, find your 17 digit LPG ID as well as check CTC status. If you can afford to buy LPG cylinder without subsidy, then you can opt out of subsidy online at Mylpg.in. You can link your Aadhaar Card with your LPG Company & bank account and check its linking status.

When it comes to distributor, you are able to view his profile and check performance rating & performance for previous quarters. You can even you check your provider’s delivery pattern, delivery details, list of consumers with above average consumption, list of suspect multiple connections, consumer’s consumption/cash transfer details, as well as average sales & pending bookings of your distributor.

The delivery details of your provider will be shown with order date, order number, mode of booking, name, address, cash memo number and cash memo date. If you find your name in the suspect multiple connections list, then you can submit the KYC form directly from the website. You are also allowed to rate the service performance of your distributor (once per quarter) and your response will be kept anonymous.

You can use the “Locate Distributor” option to find the nearest LPG distributor in your area. Those who are not satisfied with their distributor can use the Distributor Portability facility to change the current Distributor. You have to just provide a little information and reason for shifting to other distributor. Costumers can even provide their suggestions, complaint and query to the company.

Mylpg.in also lets you to submit request for surrender of your LPG connection. Consumers those who are interested to buy Mini 5 Kg cylinder can get the list of Retail Outlets (Petrol Stations) at website. Piped-Natural-Gas (PNG) customers are able to opt for non-subsidised LPG connection online.

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