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Memrise.com – Learn new language in fun way

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Learning a new language is now possible with maximum fun. Memrise is one of the best ways to learn vocabulary. One can learn anything in any language very quickly.

Memrise.com - Learn new language in fun way

Memrise.com has been started in June 2008. It is the creative idea of Greg Detre, a PhD neuroscientist from Princeton and Ed Cooke, a Grandmaster of Memory and author of ‘Remember, Remember’. It is very interesting website for learning different kinds of language. It offers language learners with set of tools for the acquirement of vocabulary. It is a vocabulary learning and superb dictionary. If you become a member of the site, then it will start testing your knowledge and give challenge after challenge for you to place your newly learned vocabulary for good use.

How it works?

You can learn new language without registration but to save your learning program, you must sign up in the site by creating new account or using Facebook account. When you visit the site, you will get some vocabulary related exercise, work with them and get the knowledge of other language. To continue your learning process, just click on keep growing section and get one by one exercise for learning language. To save your work you have to login in your Facebook account or in your Memrise account.

It offers range of wordlists for all of the featured languages, that’s why you can find something slightly appealing to be aware with the dynamics of the site. Almost all language featured on the site have wordlists, where you can learn about how to ask for directions, how to describe the environment and how to name the different parts of the body. Once you become a member of the site, you can create your own wordlist by entering name, description and photo.

You can also add language by entering name and description about language like where it is spoken, how many people speak it, etc. When you add your interested language, you will get language demo that you can use to test Memrise’s learning system as well as create wordlist, change the details and get dictionary, where you can find the meaning of any language words in English. It gives various types of difficult words. For example, if you add French language, then it will give four French wordlists including French demo, Intermediate French, which give selection of reasonably difficult French word, Paris French, in which you will get number of difficult French words that you can use while living, reading and loving in Paris and video French vocabulary which is the collection of basic and intermediate words necessary to speak good colloquial French.

To give unique learning program, creator of the site uses science of memory and art of memory. Using a science of memory, Dr. Detre leads keen understating of how best to strengthen memories, by testing and analyzing them over time in the most capable manner. Using art of memory ED crooks brings an understanding of how learning rejoices in everything that is humorous, fantastical, pithy, colorful, attractive, important, scary, unusual or vivid.


  • Learn different kinds of language with maximum fun
  • Includes wordlist for all featured language


  • Can’t save your work without registration

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