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Epaper.eenadu.net: Read EENADU Telugu news paper online

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Eenadu is undoubtedly one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Andhra Pradesh. Eenadu (which means “Today” in Telugu) is a Telugu-language daily newspaper. It’s so popular in Andhra Pradesh that it has recorded a total average circulation of over 1.7 million copies every day! Moreover, Eenadu is available in electronic format i.e. e-paper. Epaper.eenadu.net is the official website of it where one can read online Telugu Daily Newspaper anytime, anywhere. This online portal includes all the latest stories from all around the world, including local news from Andhra Pradesh. Eenadu e-paper is not merely an online version of Eenadu newspaper, instead, you’ll get complete details of news that are not included in the printed version of the paper due to space constraints.

Epaper.eenadu.net: Read EENADU Telugu news paper online

Epaper.eenadu.net has a very simple interface, which makes browsing through news articles easy and fun. Furthermore, articles are beautifully categorized into different sections like “National”, “International”, “District Editions”, “Sports”, “Business”, etc. To access this site, first time users should sign up and create an account, whereas existing users need to just submit their username & password to login. And if you don’t want to login, then simply press “Click here for Direct Access” link located right on the homepage, and read Telugu newspaper for free. But remember that creating an account will provide you many benefits, for example – you can set your preferences; personalize your news tracking experience, and clip photographs & articles.

On Epaper.eenadu.net, the front page usually carries major news at the state level and country level. The pane of the left side will display a list of RSS feeds based on sections. And on the top, there is a special “Top Stories” section where you can get the most-read articles, all in one place. Now, when you hover your mouse over any article, it will get highlighted. Simply click on it to view that particular article.

The best part of this e-paper website is that you can view the article either in Image, XML, or PDF format. They can be even zoomed in and zoomed out in their respective formats. Plus, you can e-mail or take print out of these articles directly from this site. Not only that, you can clip any article and view it later. Similarly, you can clip photos and store them for future reference.

The site also allows account holders to personalize their account for enhanced experience. Under “My News” section, you can create and save a list of your personalized news for the day, while under “My Clips” section, you can find the list of article clips that you’ve saved. Likewise, under “My Photos” section, you’ll get the list of article photos that you’ve saved. Last but not least, there is a separate section called “My Preference” where you can choose preferred options to view the article in your favorite format.

On top left side of the page, there’s a search box. Simply type a relative word in it and you’ll be provided with a list of all the articles related to that particular information. The website is extremely easy to navigate. Beneath the search box, there is a page navigator. This will take you to any page of your choice directly with just a single click. In addition, “Previous” and “Next” buttons are also included to ensure easy page turn. You can either view the page as a single page or a double page. Above all, on top right side of the page, there is a section called “Edition”, where you can choose a particular edition you wish to view.

Now, if you want to subscribe for Eenadu e-paper online, then simply visit “My Preference” section, and specify the start date and end date for the subscription. What’s more, online subscription to epaper is absolutely free. So, create an account on epaper.eenadu.net right now and enjoy the advanced features of E-Paper.

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