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Cronote.com: Set Reminder with Schedule SMS & Email

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Life nowadays is really hectic, we usually forget several things which we have to do or to attend  at a specific time. It may be office work or household things like delivery of a package to a client, electricity bills to be paid, renew passports or driving license which are going to be expired, to pick the kids after school, etc. Are you the forgetful type of person who always gets into difficulty because of forgetting things? Then a simple reminder can do the trick for you. Online reminder services do the excellent job by keeping you updated about important things. That’s where Cronote.com comes in. Cronote enables users to schedule SMS or e-mail reminders. It also allows you to send SMS text and email reminders to your friends, family and coworkers at a definite time in the future.

Cronote.com: Set Reminder with Schedule SMS & Email

In August 2010, a web-based company Cronote was founded by graduate students from Yale University and the University of California, Irvine. Cronote aims to offer fast and simple ways to schedule reminders. Reminders engage customers with latest and forthcoming products, business homepages, and sales events. It is a cost-effective, new way to advertise on the Internet. Reminders ought to be fun, visual, and friendly and pleasingly, Cronote is one sort of e-mail and SMS app which does the same. As well, Cronote will be more powerful with coming soon iPhone app, possibly in summer 2012.

How to schedule future email or sms messages?

Registration is required to get started the use of the site. Once you have sign up, you will receive notification message in your email with activation link. Press on the link and log in on the site. You will be directed to a new page i.e. your dashboard. You will get 10 text message reminders for free. However, you can purchase text message reminders – 20 (for $1), 100 (for $5) and 200 (for $10). Cronote is really easy to use. All it takes you to schedule reminders is not more than half a minute. Schedule a Cronote reminder in 3 steps: enter an email or phone, write your message (100-character), set the delivery time and date, and hit on ‘schedule’ button. That’s all; your message will be delivered on that particular day and time. Note that Email reminders are available free while SMS reminder costs $0.05 per SMS. To enable SMS scheduling, users need to deposit funds into their online account. Off course, SMS reminders will be disabled at the time when your balance reaches ZERO, still email scheduling is available to you all time for free.

Cronote.com: Set Reminder with Schedule SMS & Email

Take a look on six tabs provided on your dashboard. Watch the tutorial to get clear cut idea about the use of these icons/tabs.

1, The Contacts tab gives a general place for you to add, remove and schedule reminders for your contacts. You can insert new contacts individually, or import your contacts from Gmail or Facebook. Facebook does not permit exporting of phone numbers and email addresses.

2, In order to schedule reminders for multiple people rapidly, create a group through the Groups tab.

3, Check out a list of all your past and present Cronotes on the Cronotes tab. As well, see Cronotes that were scheduled using your Remind Buttons.

4, The Buttons tab lets you to generate and manage your Remind Buttons. With a view to help visitors, keep in mind your products and services, add a Remind Button to your website.

5, View all of your earlier SMS Cronote purchases on the Purchases tab. SMS Cronote credits are available in packs so opt whichever is most suitable to you. Large-volume orders might be arranged upon request.

6, For updating your name, phone number and password, use the Profile tab. Also you could securely delete your account on this page.

Other features of the website includes scheduling a reminder about a forthcoming movies, album release and health event. Cronote also feature a Remind Button, this button can be used by webmasters to increase their product sale via their websites. Even the app can be used to raise your website conversion rate by adding Remind Button to your product page and landing page. The button is intended for website owners who want to turn visitors into returning customers. Cronote Remind Button comes in 6 various styles, however if you would like to have this in a specific design, you can contact cronote’s official website. The Remind button will help customers be informed in the future if they are interested in your product but are not prepared to purchase yet alike Amazon utilizes wishlists. All in one, it gives a more streamlined experience to customers.

Positive points:

  • Lets you easily and quickly schedule future SMS and emails
  • Tool can be used in both personal and professional way
  • Useful  those who needs a fun way to remind each other
  • Use Cronote on a daily basis for various tasks that depend on timing
  • Schedule multiple reminders at the same time
  • No monthly or yearly fee linked with this service
  • Selling for Cronotes available in packs of 20 ($1), 100 ($5) and 200 ($10)
  • Remind Button is helpful to advertise your business
  • iPhone App will be available soon

Negative points:

  • Limit of only 100-character message

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