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Bikesizechart.com: Check Bike Size before you Buy

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Stop at Bikesizechart.com and check out the size of all type of bikes including City Bikes, Kids Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, and BMX bikes just with a click of mouse and make perfect buying decision.

We all come in different size and shapes, so finding the proper bike fit is essential for those people who cycle on a regular basis or ride longer distances. With right sized bike, the cycling becomes more comfortable, more efficient and more fun to ride. However, choosing the right size bike can be tricky for both experienced and inexperienced cyclist. As proper bike sizing depends on several factors like: leg length, torso length, arm length, your flexibility, riding style, and upper-body strength. Therefore, they have to usually follow long frame size chart for different bikes. Now, you don’t need to collect frame size chart from different stores to select perfect bike for you or your kids, as you can check size of all types of bikes at Bikesizechart.com. Here, you can get frame size for City Bikes, Kids Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, and BMX bikes. So let’s checkout the bike size to make perfect buying decision.


If your bike is too small or too big, it is more difficult to control as well uncomfortable to ride & downright dangerous. Sometimes, people experience aches or pains while riding bicycle. Even sometimes experienced cyclists can stop their bikes because of sore joints and general discomfort. Mostly, these all things happen due to the wrong bike size. So, it is really very big deal to ensure the size that is right for you. Bikesizechart.com is great platform for people who want to buy perfect size bike for road, mountain, city, and kids. Here everything is just a click away. You can access the frame size chart for road, city, mountain bikes, BMX and kids bicycles right from homepage or menu option which located at left side corner.

Bikesizechart is just informative website so you don’t require any registration or login to access the site information. On the home page, it has provided five different options to access the frame size chart. You just need to click appropriate option to get frame size chart. It offers frame size chart for cruiser bicycle and city bikes, mountain and all-terrain bikes, road and touring bicycles, sport BMX bicycles, and children bicycles.

At Bikesizechart.com, all city bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes are suggested on the basis of leg length measurement. How, BMX bikes chart is based on height measurement and kids bikes chart is based on age and height measurement. The frame size chart of different bicycles is neat and clean that is described in text and image format. Image format is very useful instead of text format to get idea of bike size very easily and quickly.

As well, it explain everything in table form to understand quickly like seat tube, crank size (mm), height, top tube, etc. One of the best features of the site is sharing, by which you can share frame size chart for all types of bikes with your friends and family members through Twitter, Facebook, Googleplus, Stumbleupon, and Reddit.

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