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Yagoloo.com: Free Web Chat Room of Huge Topics

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Almost all of us like to chat in our idle hours. Generally, we chat with our friends and any other persons whom we know but chatting with strangers may be an experience for you. Yagoloo.com is an online web tool for International group chat with strangers throughout the world. Other websites which provide free web chat room allows the users to chat with random people in their area, date someone or chat with people with common interests but Yagoloo lets you chat with the strangers with various interest groups.

Yagoloo.com: Free Web Chat Room of Huge Topics

Yagoloo.com is created by Funtastix. It allows you to enter the chat room where you can exchange your thoughts, ideas and feelings with one another for free without any registration, subscription or downloading any special software. Yagoloo is also searching Senior Java Developers for their chat project. The website is very simple to access without any navigation. There are only three options: about us, job opportunity and contact us.

How to use Yagoloo.com to make friends?

You don’t have to register on the website to join this free web chat room. Just visit the website, hit the “Step in” button and you will be taken to the chat window. You have to enter your nick name and you can chat with all the chatters in the chat room. If you want to send the same message to all the chatters, type your massage and click “Say to all” button. While for sending message to a particular chatter, hit the name of the chatter and then click on that newly appeared button. To close the chat room, click your nick name and logout option will appear.


  • No registration
  • No time limit
  • Easy to start your chat
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • Don’t require installation of any software
  • Don’t ask any personal details to enter


  • No informational tabs
  • Cannot create your own chat room
  • People in chat room are of different interest instead of similar interests

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Monthly unique visitors of Yagoloo.com

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    i am shahab
    bonbale ye dokhtare irani bahal migardam’

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