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Sms440.com – Send Free Bulk sms To any Mobile in India

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Enjoy absolutely FREE connecting with Sms440.com website, which offers you incredible opportunity to send Unlimited and Long SMS to any mobile network in India. You can send SMS up to 440 characters without paying anything and can select any desired Indian language to type your text of SMS. With Sms440.com, you can be able to send huge volumes of SMS just in one shot.

sms440.com wesite for free sms

Sms440.com is a commercial speculation of bulksmsindia.mobi. It was on track at July 6, 2011 and within a month it has become one of the most popular websites of globe. Sms440.com is equipped with unique SMS technologies and serves India’s top corporate, small and medium enterprise and government organizations except individual field. It also serves telecom operators by managing huge amount of SMS. Previously, it was in the form of sms7.in, later on change has been made to the website in order to serve an individual domain also with 440 characters of free sms.

How Sms440.com works?

First of all you need to collect your sign in password. For this you have to submit your little personal information at the ‘Sign Up Here’ icon. Then after, you can easily login at Sms440.com by entering your mobile number along with your sign in password. Instantly, the page will be opened with different options like Send SMS, Schedule Report, Sent Report, Phone Book, Profile or Change Password, and Logout at the top line.

When you click on Send SMS, you can find two different size boxes directly under the option line. In first small box, you need to enter such mobile numbers to whom you want to send SMS. If you send SMS to groups then you must place Comma among the numbers or you can enter mobile numbers in each newline. You can directly add mobile numbers from phonebook. This can provide you great convince when you send SMS in bulk.

In the next big box, you can text your message in any of your desired Indian language. With the option of ‘language translation’ you can easily convey your message in other language. At the bottom of the box, you can check your character count so that it would not exceed 440. In case if the text is more than 440 then character which are above the 440 will not go to the recipient’s inbox.

Note: if you want to send SMS right now then don’t forget to click in circle of NOW.

SMS Bank Help:

You can create such SMS which can be used on regular basis or you want to save it in the option of SMS Bank Help. Now, you don’t have to type the same massage every time. At first, type the message in the message box then select private and any category then click on ‘save’. The saved SMS will be visible in the table below. From the next time, you just need to click on the SMS and it will automatically come in the message box.

You can deposit any of your selected sms in SMS Bank. For this follow the same procedure, but you need to select Public in place of Private. You can select any from the Public ones. You can delete any of your SMS by selecting the radio button.

Remember that the Private ones are visible to you only but the Public ones will be visible to all.

Schedule SMS system:

For wishing on any special occasion, you do not have to remember dates. There is a great system of ‘Schedule’ with which you can schedule the SMS for your relative or friends and they can receive the message exactly on the scheduled date and time. For this, you need to place information of schedule time and date in the respective box. Remember that at the time of schedule SMS, you must hit on the circle of ‘Schedule’.

Phone Book:

This option has four another functions such as Add Group, Manage Group, Phone Book entry, and Phone Book list.

  1. Add Group: You can create different groups by giving them different name at Add Group.
  2. Phone Book entry: You need to enter mobile number and name one-by-one to the list for any particular group and then save it with a click on Add Phone Book. If you want its duplicate entry then click at the square of Allow Duplicate Entry.
  3. Manage Group: You can delete or make any update in any of group at Manage Group. First of all you have to select box against the name of the particular group and then press on any of the option of Delete Group or Update Group.
  4. Phone Book List: You can directly search for any mobile number of the Phone Book through Phone Book List. First you need to select the particular group then you can search out by placing mobile number or name of the contact.

Do Not Disturb:

If you do not want to receive any message from the particular mobile number or from Sms440.com then you can block that mobile number in this option. You just press on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ icon which is placed at the home page of Sms440.com site.

Positive Points:

  • Instant delivery can be possible of bulk SMS.
  • With Phone book tool, no need to remember complex mobile numbers.
  • Schedule system enables you to send SMS in advance for any special occasion.
  • You can write text in your desired Indian language.
  • You can send SMS to groups at the time.
  • Never fails on schedule delivery.

Negative points:

  • Your phone number will not appear as a sender.
  • You can send SMS only to India.
  • You can send maximum fifty SMS a day.

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30 User Reviews of Sms440.com – Send Free Bulk sms To any Mobile in India
  1. Altafmannur says:

    send free sms to any mobile in india

  2. Indrajeet24 says:

    please tell me how can I send sms.
    I could not find sign in option

  3. Arman khan says:

    Dear Sir send free sms to any mobile in india

  4. Shilpi says:

    Sir i did nt find sign in option tell me how can i find

  5. PAnduu says:

    How can i delete the messages which i hve send previoulsy could you please say me

  6. ramnaresh says:

    I am ram naresh chauhan Joine sms440


  7. sameer ranjan mohanty says:


  8. panduu says:

    How can i delete the messages which i hve send previoulsy could you please say me.. this is the third time m asking about this query please tell me

  9. naman says:

    this is my favourite sms site sms440 is the best for sending sms to all over india

  10. naman says:

    this find is very simple first your mo no . & send pass to open the sms440 account

  11. Goutam says:

    I’m unable to find the sign-in option,please reply me how to send SMS until I find the said option.

  12. sunil says:

    really its magic sir..but don’t keep limits of sms.bez we can send group massages.

  13. shrivatsan says:

    this s really gud, but sign up button is unable to see.

  14. SHYAM says:

    really it’s magic
    thank’s sms440.com

  15. Shubham says:

    It’s a magic

  16. shashikumar says:

    how i can register through mobile

  17. nikhil verma says:

    hiiiiiii may be a good friends u will be a talk somthing

  18. Sonakshi gulati says:

    It helps in exhibition work………:)

  19. Panthangi Sammaiah says:

    we would like to use your site for send free sms 440 by my cell through sms kindly give information how to we conect your site give me information

  20. pawan says:

    we would like to use your site for sent free sms 440 by my cell through sms kindaly give me information how to conect your site

  21. pawan says:

    sir i did not find sing in option tell me how can i find


    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I would like to inform you that, i am using your sms440 services & i like it also but from last 15 days i am facing One problem that after sending the SMS, delivery report shows “SEND SUCCESSFULLY” but it won’t reflect on the recipient’s mobile.

    Pls do the needful & help me out from this problem as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Waiting For your warm Reply.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Let’s Make Life Better,
    Shailendra Rajput,
    9850 461 881,

  23. admin says:

    I appreciate you review about sms440. You are right all users are facing the problems as you because of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s Rules. The matter about bulk sms is not on hand of site. After applying strict rules on sms in India not only DND registered users but some non-DND users are also face the same problem. It’s better to send one by one sms for such case. Site2sms is the best way to send individual sms with 240 characters to DND registered users.

    Best Of Luck!!!

  24. manoj says:

    Dear Sir/madam
    we would like to use your site for send free sms 440 by my cell through sms kindly give information how to we conect your site give me information

  25. ritesh says:

    pls tell me how to send group sms in sms440

  26. Aditya Sir says:

    Hi, love to use it so much

  27. sundardurai says:

    this is my no 9470375425 pls send me my sms440 password

  28. Rohit says:

    jab se DND no Block kare he Sara Maza hi khatam ho gaya ,, 1 baar me kewal 1 mobile no, ye kya mazak hey …

  29. Rohit says:

    way 2Sms bhi DND no Ko sms Bhejta he kewal Group Sms me DND sms delever nahi hote fir aapne kyo Hamari yeh suvidha band ki ??????????????????????????????????????

  30. mugilan.v says:

    hi sir pls say how i can send bulk sms, guide me

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