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Selfcontrolfreak.com – Do Fun with Your Mouse

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View several interactive videos at Selfcontrolfreak.com, where you are permitted to control the actions and reactions of a digital artist Olivier Otten by just placing your cursor. Do fun with your mouse and enjoy the movements of an artist like his face moving left and right, running here and there, etc. You will be surprised by watching funny activities done by him.

Selfcontrolfreak.com - Do Fun with Your Mouse

The concept and interactive design of Selfcontrolfreak is being done by a Dutch independent multimedia designer Olivier Otten. Anyone who is modeless or sad must check the clips available on Selfcontrolfreak. After seeing one clip, you will surely move on to the next as each shows different activities that are much unexpected. Share and enjoy these videos with family and friends, they will start thinking for hours “How’d he do that?” and also get entertainment. The series has released in 22 (and counting) interactive videos since early 2009.

At the time when Olivier Otten created Selfcontrolfreak, the thought must have came in his mind that what would turn out if we might control real-life with a mouse cursor? In all the clips on the website, he is only actor but he doesn’t play the major role as it is offered to you. You can influence his actions by interacting with him in a diverse way in each movie. Videos let you shock, slap, and torment Otten to your heart’s content such as dunking his head into a bucket of water.

Positive points:

  • Visitor of the site can play an active role within the videos.
  • You can find out in seconds that movies are interactive but one remains doubtful where this interactivity starts and ends.
  • Actually it is not like a finished product but experiment, which makes it likeable.

Negative points:

  • Sometimes process takes little time to load and video may not run in rare cases.

Mouse game ! must try ! video from youtube:

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