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piZap.com: Start Playing Fun With Photo

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Photo editing websites or Photoshop always helps you to do some severe editing to your photos but if you wish to edit a photo that looks “funny” or “amusing”, then piZap.com is the right place to visit. Now it’s possible to start playing maximum fun with photo by creating wacky pics at PiZap. The service is fully free and don’t require registration or javascript installations. Make photo editing a breeze by virtue of its simplicity and limited collection.

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PiZap has been founded in 2007 and originally produced as a tool for social networking. PiZap allows you to insert photo effects, numerous original colorful stickers, custom text or speech bubbles, a jam-packed painting program, etc. Using PiZap is very easy and fast as it uses flash-based interface, not to reveal that editing photos are just done with the help of drag and drop method. The program is running smooth and straightforward in its processes, excluding potential browser issues. The tabs at which the editing materials are placed emerge to be structured at the right part of the workspace with the image located on the left, so it may not be as pleasing for left-handed people.

How it works?

You are free from the pains of registrations to begin the use of the site. However, registered users can get benefit of advanced features such as piZap badges, contests, privacy controls, add comments to other galleries, etc. Just head over to website and hit ‘Start’ button. You will reach at the new page. One box will be appeared displaying that you can edit facebook photos by logging in. You can close it if you don’t want to connect with facebook. Choose from 3 major sections – make a collage, edit a photo or backgrounds.

piZap.com: Start Playing Fun With Photo

Let’s select the option of edit a photo. You can edit images from various sources including social network connection, which is the best thing about this photo editing website. For example, pick photo from your Picasa and edit it through piZap and put it back. Now here let’s take a photo from computer by clicking on Upload icon. Begin editing your selected photo using different tools offered. Many effects are given on the right side of the image to use. You can add stickers and text and also insert any text you wish. Option to add border, cutout and photo are placed on the top of your image. You can zoom the photo, rotate it, give background, fade, adjust color, move image, etc. with the help of bottom options. Once you provide necessary effects, you can prefer to save and share it to any of your social profiles like email, or download it to your computer for storing.

piZap.com: Start Playing Fun With Photo

Positive points:

  • A fun drag and drop photo editor available free online.
  • No registration, no software to install.
  • Unlimited images can be customized through the site.
  • Effective way to have your photo appears enhanced.
  • Add text as well as stickers in your photo.
  • Use any color and brush size to paint over a portion of your photo.
  • Give effects like Blur, Sepia, Emboss, Black & White, etc.
  • Edited photos could be downloaded and even submitted to the PiZap public gallery.
  • It can embed the edited picture on any website.
  • Send edited photo like an e-card or share it on any of the leading social networks.

Negative points:

  • For serious photo editors, no such features that can make this photo editing site a must-try.
  • Fail to balance its fun elements because of several embellishments, stickers and other add-ons.
  • No features that let left-handed people to use the product with ease.
  • It is miles away from the likes of Picnik still, though have ability to become one of the most visited sites on the net.

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