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Pixlr.com – Free Online Image Editing in your Browser

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Editing your own photo as well as create new creation in your browser with free of charge at image and photo editing tools “Pixlr”. One can resize, edit, crop and optimize images with the help of Pixlr.com. You can give professional look to your images.

Pixlr.com - Free Online Image Editing in your Browser

Pixlr.com has been started in 2010. It is flash based online image editor that joins image paint and design tools with photo editing. It is set with three applications including Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express and Pixlr-o-matic, all are working differently. The site is based on flash so you must need to have flash in your computer. In the recent time, most of all computers come with this facility, so do not worry about it. If you want to make free form image, layer one image over another and use different type of effects, filter and level adjustment to change photographs then it is best choice for you because it is capable for everything. Compare to Photoshop Pixlr is much easier and cheaper. Both professional and nonprofessional users are taking benefit of pixlr services. Professional users use this service for setting up images for news site, while non-professional users utilize service for basic editing needs like editing web images to post it on their social networking sites.

How it works?

You don’t need registration to start the use of Pixlr.com. It provides three applications like Photo editor, photo express and photo-o-matic for different purpose. Using a Photo editor, you can create your own image as well as editing any images by uploading it from computer or URL. You can also upload image from pixlr image library, for it you have to sign up in the site and create your personal pixlr library or connect pixlr with Facebook, Picasa and Flickr. Photo editor is only one way where you can create your own creation and also editing your image as per your choice by using tools.

It offers photo express application to give effect to your uploading images. It provides two way of photo uploading by Computer and URL. Once you uploaded photo, you can resize, crop and rotate it. You can modify your photo by using different tools of adjustment. Recently, it offers 11 adjustment tools including teeth whitening, auto levels, sharpen, blur, red eye removal, brightness & contrast, hue &saturation, denoise, black & white, invert and cross process. You can also give fabulous photo effect to transform a regular image into a piece of art.

You can create a fun and playful “post process” darkroom with pixlr o-matic where you get three sections to manipulate some film effects, color processing, and borders. You have two choices for uploading photos one of them is webcam and other one is computer.


  • It gives ability to make layers, clone stamping, and blurring.
  • Offers Variety of filters and effects
  • Fee-hand crop, super-impose move, and cut in images and rotate and remove whole canvases
  • It provides several options for uploading photo at each application.
  • Don’t need to download any software
  • you can save photos after making changes


  • Require Adobe flash

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User Reviews

One User Reviews of Pixlr.com – Free Online Image Editing in your Browser
  1. mambo says:

    I love the application, but have had difficulty uploading images or grabbing images I’ve stored in my pixlr.com Library: It won’t let me sign in. Although I’ve created an account (about 1,000 times, with same login details), each time I evoke the program from context menu, it let’s me use it, but if I want to grab a previously saved image from MY Pixlr.com Library online, the login screen appears, and won’t let me in. The screen just accepts my username and password, and “spins” like it’s “thinking about it”, but I never seem to get logged in again, for real. I’ve tried creating a new account multiple times, but no go. Anyone have suggestions?

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