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PicFont.com – Insert Font in your Pictures

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Generally, people use paint or photo editor to insert text in their picture. Sometimes, the process of inserting font in picture is become little tiresome with it. But now, it has become so simple and easy with free web service ‘PicFont’ which allows you to add text, comment to picture, canvas, shape etc. Site takes less than 10 seconds to insert font in pictures. It becomes very helpful to wish some one special by adding your own words in your favorite picture as well as encourage people about atmosphere, corruption, etc with your own thoughts.

PicFont.com - Insert Font in your Pictures

PicFont.com is a free web application that inserts text to uploaded images. Through this website, you can rapidly comment on image from any computer. You can make fun picture to share with your friends. The structure of the site is very simple and user friendly. You don’t need to download any software to get benefit of the site, you just need to upload photo and add text what you want. It provides various text formats to add text in your image online.

How it works?

This site does not require any registration to use. To insert font in your Pictures, you just need to upload picture from your computer or from by the web by entering the URL of the image. Once you upload the image, you can type the text, customize the fonts, text color and the background color as well as select rotate and outline. Then, apply this effect in to your image by clicking on the generate text button. You can also download the customized image. You can add text over a canvas, for it; first of all you have to select the size, width and color of canvas. You can create innovative and creative shapes by writing a text on it. To add text on shape, first select shape from the site and select a background color. After then follow above process for inserting text.

After adding text in your picture, canvas or shape, you can share it on different social networking site Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, etc. It provides equivalent code of the edited version of your image in three formats including BBCODE, HTML, and simple format. By using this embed code, you can place your image on your website.


  • Add Font in your Picture
  • Upload Photo from computer or the web
  • Select font type, text color and background color
  • Create canvas and generate new and creative shapes
  • Download customized image to your computer

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