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Photomica.com – Fun with Your Photo

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Give the effects on your photo without using photo shop or any graphic programs. Now one can set their own and other person’s photo in any effect, magazine, faces, cards and filter with the help of Photomica.com.

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Photomica.com has been started on 25th March, 2010. It gives inventive variety of online photo effects with some astonishing collection of fun photo effects that can be really interesting. It is the best way for those people who have no photo editor software and want to edit their photo with some best effect. With the Photomica, users will be also able to use printer for printing latest created images.

How it works?

Without any registration, users can get the benefit of Photomica tools. With the help of Photomica site, you can easily include any effect into your photo. Site gives a number of choices to make your photo effect including effects, magazines, faces, cards, and filter. You can set your face in every kind of photos like gorgeous ladies, cartoon characters, athletes, superheroes, etc.

Users do not need any Photoshop or graphic to make your photo effect. They just need to select effect, and upload photo either from your computer or pasting the URL of the image location. The uploaded images must be in .JPG, .gif or.png format as well as the size of the image must be up to 4 MB.

After uploading photo, image will appear in the photo editor with blue square. Drag and resize the images as per your photo effect size and crop it, by simply clicking on crop image.

To increase the size of the image, drag the size adjustment bar from left side corner. You can rotate picture at any sides, by using image rotator feature given on the top right corner. Once you make your photo effect, you can save it on your computer as well as share with your social networking site friends.


  • Make your photo effect without using any Photo software
  • Get range of Photo choices
  • Upload photo from computer or pasting URL of Images
  • Save and share created photo effects


  • Only jpg, gif or png format image works on the site
  • Size of image is compulsory below 4 MB
  • Can’t upload your own photo effect to set your photo

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