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Moviestarplanet.com: Create Virtual MovieStar for Chat & Games

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Create your own personalized avatar for movies, cartoons, chat and games easily using moviestarplanet.com! Moviestarplanet is a multiplayer game, where children can improve their expressive and creative skills as well as language skills when they converse and play online games with their friends. By connecting with Moviestarplanet.com, children and youngster can take part in a virtual world with their own personalized Avatar as well as collaborate with their friends to create small animated cartoons. It is freely available on the net and can be used for education and entertaining purpose. Educational purpose makes it ideal for children as it allows them to read and write screenplays and watch their own and other children’s movies for listening/understanding/interpreting/practice of English language.

Moviestarplanet.com: Create Virtual MovieStar for Chat & Games

Moviestarplanet is a lot about having a fun developed with an educational purpose and in collaboration with leading educational authorities. It has included several learning elements like expressive language skills and social elements into the game. The main part of the site is that every child or person is able to create their own virtual movie star avatar, which can be used in cartoons together with the Avatars made by their friends. It is a great opportunity to live on Moviestar Planet, where players or users can shop cool clothes and costumes, play games in virtual chatrooms, meet new friends and do many other funny things. They are also able to share their cartoons with each other as well as review each other’s movies. Games, chat, creative, pets and shopping are main areas of the MovieStarPlanet.

How it works?

Using a new user profile, start to create your own virtual moviestar. You must select gender of your avatar either girl or boy and prepare them by changing skin color, eye colors and wearing clothes and shoes. Once you customized your avatar, give name and complete login process. Your personal virtual moviestar can do many things like playing games, shopping, make movies, chat with friends and play with pets. Your Avatar gets fame and star coins when they contribute in the MovieStarPlanet virtual world. Your Moviestar starts at level 0 which rises when you earn fame.

Moviestarplanet.com: Create Virtual MovieStar for Chat & Games


Games area is available with several games like dress up, crazy cards friends only game, catwalk, casting, and quizzes. By playing games, users can earn star coins, which become helpful to purchase items from the site.


It offers different types of chat room to communicate with other users of the site. Your avatar can chat with other users at beach, mall, café, Skate Park, high school, VIP club and Pet Park. To chat with other users, you must ask them for friendship and wait for him/her to accept.


You have an opportunity to make movies with your own created virtual Movie stars. To create Movie, select new movie in the creative area. You must select max. six Moviestars as a star of movie, in which you can select own MovieStar, any of your friends’ MovieStars and a few extras. Change the look and clothes of your star as per your choice.

Create movie content after completing Moviestars selection. You work as director and star of the movie, so direct each scene, enter speech lines, and select animations. Use timeline to select and progress the time in every scene. After creating movie, save it and publish it by sending to your friends. YouTube network is also connected with this site, so you are able to search YouTube videos.

Present your creative skills in artbook by creating it using site objects and elements. Browse or explore other user’s movie or art book to get idea about your own creation. When other users watch your published movies, when you watch and rate other’s movies, and when you play games in the chat rooms, you earn starcoins.


It allows you to use your earned StarCoins in shops to purchase clothes, animations, costumes, Movie backgrounds, music and props for Movies, and objects for your MovieStar’s virtual home. Visit shopping area to purchase objects for movies and moviestars.


  • EAsy to create your own Virtual MovieStar
  • Play games, chat with friends and make movies with your own Virtual MovieStar
  • Shop virtual things by earning starcoins through games, movies and chat
  • Improve language and creative skills

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