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Cameroid.com: Create Photo Fun with Webcam

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Have you ever created funny photo with webcam? If no then now extend your webcam’s functionality by taking a snapshot with it through Cameroid.com which detects your camera automatically and permits you to begin snapping away. It is a web-based tool that not only captures photos but also gives range of modes including extra effects for giving photos an extra artistic or humorous touch. By using this site, you can morph your photo into a blurry blob as well as set your face into Mona Lisa’s face or on a hundred dollar bill.

Cameroid.com: Create Photo Fun with Webcam

Cameroid.com is a web-based photo booth especially for your webcam, to take photo, give effects and save them directly into your computer. It accesses your webcam to collect snapshots and allows you to provide special effects to your photos. It is best and quickest way for people to take their photo online. People can change their photo color; morph its shape; and place their photo in a scene template. Collect a snapshot within seconds through this exclusive service.

How it works?

To take the advantage of the site, just connect your webcam with your computer and take snap with just one click. Before taking an image, you must download latest version of Adobe flash player. Once you catch your photo, you can add fun effects, apply color filters, morph images, and distort images. You can set your images in different frames or backgrounds. For example, you can put your face on the body of midget, the Mona Lisa, a warrior. To give an effect to your photo, you just select it from the site.

After creating funny photo, it allows you to either save or download images as jpg file in your PC or store them online so that you can upload photos on forums or social networks. You can share your images with your friends by sending email as well as place it on websites or blog.


  • Take a photo with webcam
  • Make a fun with photo by giving effects
  • Huge choice of color effects including color changes, distortions, filters, etc
  • Collects photo in seconds
  • Gives wide range of frames
  • Download and save images to your PC or place them on websites or blog

Cameroid : Take A Photo Online And Add Filters/Effects Free video from youtube:

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