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Bazoocam.org: Chat with strangers like Chatroulette

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Do you want to chat in your idle hours? But wait for a while; don’t be so typical by conversing just with your usual friends; then to whom? Strangers!!! Yes, now onwards, there are many websites which utilize the randomized Video Chat Software to offer some extra ordinary aspects to their valued users. Sites like Bazoocam took the World Wide Web by storm as it aims to provide great entertainment for chat-lovers by conducting Free video chats with random strangers from all over the world. Many consider Bazoocam as a replica of Chatroulette, but Bazoocam comes with many new features. Actually, it is planned as a New Social Network Webcam. It offers random chatting along with the extraordinary features of webcam sessions. Moreover, you can get a chance to chat with users who are living in your area and the best part is that you can play online games while chatting with a partner.

Bazoocam.org: Chat with strangers like Chatroulette

Just like the cherry on the pie, there is no need to download the software and install app on personal computers or laptops as well as users need not to follow any form of registration process to enjoy such an amazing services of Bazoocam. Thus, it is the true meaning of Free. It will open a whole new world of possibilities, in which you can select a location of chatters who just live nearby the area. This unique feature adds some more utility to the site along with web voice chatting or even with the normal chat style.

This internet generation indicates the separation from normal society’s values and appreciates newly growing attitude. Bazoocam is much cooler than others of its line as it is equipped with Geolocalization Algorithm that pairs users with people who are living in close geographical proximity or in distant locations. Sometimes, many of us don’t want to disclose our identity and interested in conversations with unfamiliar or unknown people. A great way of fun, isn’t it?

You can have this fun at Bazoocam as it offers you chance to meet with new Face per second or moderated constantly by number of people. It really offers one-on-one chat. In a way, you can get many opportunities in finding someone you really want to talk to. Users can enjoy hesitation free Chat as choice depends to them only, they can chat if they want or easily skip on to the next person until they find the Best one. Another important feature is that chatters can select their partners according to their given additional information, which can be typed on the top of the box.

Chatters have lots of different experiences by this random video chatting as there are countless categories for people you meet. For example, you can chat with charismatic guys and girls, cool, awesome, weird, boring, crazy, socially inept dudes and chicks or a whole range of other things.

Chat lovers can reap the most benefits of the site by getting webcam for their video chatting. If not so, then it may not complete your strange chatting Fun because webcam helps you in judging chat partner. If you don’t like the person you see, you can change it to another random stranger and this might be impossible without webcam; otherwise you just waste your time in chatting with apathetic and uninterested people and cannot enjoy your chat adventure.

To begin chatting with a randomly chosen stranger is so easy; simply hit the big blue “start” button. Once you hit the button, countless people will appear on your screen per second and if you get your choice you can instantly start your chat with him or her by typing in the given space. You can also get additional information about the chatter who appears on the screen. Importantly, the information also includes the miles the person is far from you along with their mentioned fun status.

Bazoocam makes itself more interesting for the sake of chat lovers as it offers coolest feature to them; in this they can play one on one game, which is great to start a conversation. Recently, chatters can be offered with three games – Tetris game, Tic-Tac-Toe game, and 4 in a row game.

Being so frank doesn’t mean vulgarity here as the website also respects social norms and strictly ask users to follow rules. It also banned users, if they don’t respect the rules which include keeping your clothes on while chatting, etc. On the other hand, you might say that all these are sort of boaster, in reality site covers its vulgarity in the grimy option of “Girls”. However, they also offer children safety link on the site.

Bazoocam.org is available in different languages – French, Italian, German, Portuguese and English, in a way it provides broader platform for the chat-lovers to chat with people throughout the World.

French people love chat websites so much, considering this site offers French video chats like camtoya, chatmeeter, metacam, allumetacam, roulettechat, moveyourcam, etc. Bazoocam.org is listed among the top French chatroulette sites on the web and well-known for its teen-based random chat site. There is no shortage of chatroulette websites but none of them can compare Bazoocam in terms of simplicity, which is responsible for its overwhelming popularity. Chatters community can really enjoy much safer and faster video chatting at bazoocam.org and pleasingly they do not have to pay a cent or a dollar for this chatroulette service.


  • Conduct video chats with random strangers from all over the world
  • Random chatting along with an extraordinary features of webcam sessions
  • Chat with users who are living in your area
  • Chatter can play online games to start a conversation
  • Provides much safer and faster video chatting
  • No need to follow registration process
  • You can select a location of chatters who just live nearby the area
  • Chatters can meet with new Face per second
  • Easily skip on to the next person until they find the Best partner
  • Countless categories for people you meet
  • Easily begin chat by hitting the big blue “start” button
  • Additional information about the chatter appears on the screen
  • The information about miles the person is far from you shown in additional details
  • Chatters can mention about his or her fun status
  • Banned users, if they don’t respect the rules
  • Available in different international languages


  • Covers its vulgarity in the grimy option of “Girls”

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