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Easel.ly: A Tool to Create and Share Infographics

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No doubt, graphically displayed information is 30 to 40 times easier to understand than text-based content – Infographics is a great example of it. A picture is worth a thousand words……on the basis of this, infographics brings millions of words; so that most people prefer to take in information directly from the infographic instead of full-length 1000-word article. Compared to tables and figures, colored charts and illustrations are better to keep people on the site for a long time. Infographics contains graphics and text, including statistics about certain subject. Converting a data into infographics is not easy task and takes too much time. Even, people getting bored to do it manually and some time they neglect it and present their data in text-format. Over the past, looking for topic wise infographics was easy, but it was not too easy to discover the tools for designing and creating own infographics. Thanks to Easel.ly, which welcomes students, webmaster or all other person for creating and sharing infographics online by using drag-n-drop templates.

Easel.ly: A Tool to Create and Share Infographics

No matter, whether you have powerful graphic design skills or not, as Easel.ly might be a very useful way to create infographics design. Infographics are perfect means to transmit information and data analysis on the web and you can create and share it with Easel.ly easily. Besides enabling users for making quick-and-dirty infographics, it also gives few stocks of user-created infographics as well list of ready visual themes for data insertion. It is one of the best free tool for generating sophisticated looking infographics. You are also able to edit site’s well designed templates and add your own information in it.

Ideally, most users crave for online program that is offered free of charge, easy to apply, without annual commitments and it does not need Photoshop to task properly. Easel.ly is surely fills all these crave and lets users to frame-up an infographics from a blank slate which is diagrammatically stunning and flexible. Moreover, it is best choice for those who have great investments ideas regarding to creation, construction and advertisement of infographics.

Still, Easel.ly is available in beta version, so numerous things are missing from it that could formulate it an eye-catching creation tool. It is offered with mixture of drag and drop features, text editing, and fast addition of icons to beautify the computer graphics. You don’t require advanced design software or design skill for getting started. Moreover, placing in charts is quite a crapshoot. Here, you can not create custom charts, because it offers static chart images that you can drop in.

The interface of the site is very intuitive and simple; anyone can create infographics with few easy steps. It doesn’t require registration for creating infographic data with pre-made vector arts….welcome screen is available with pre-made vector arts that bring you towards creation page to get started. Top side of the menu bar page is available with 4 predefined and fully customizable themes which is full of different types visual objects like (people, maps, animals, etc..), shapes (arrows, circles), and numerous stylistic effects (opacity).

If you have a no designing skills, then its ready infographics is the best choice to get started. Vehmes section gives collection of themes, so when you get started with themes, just select canvas from drop down menu. You can wipe clean your canvas by using handy Clear button for a new project. You can use this info graphic data for different type of topics like compare and contrast, statistical by geographic region, chronological information or simple point-by-point information, like the visual above.

Editing is also possible…thereby you can easily select, delete or relocate the items. For editing, you just have to double click on the objects to open objects box and select appropriate items that you want use in edition. As a text-style, it offers 20 font styles. If you want to use same objects, shapes, more than one time, then you can use Duplication tool (the double-circle) icon for copying and pasting objects. It also offers numerous other tools to change the color and layer position of the items including the background too.

Besides pre-made vector objects and shapes, it also enables users to upload their own images files from computer drive. The best part of the site is, the looks of the shapes, objects, and text stay as it and do not get blurred when you resize them. Unfortunately, there is no automatic save, so you must get register at the site for saving your creation. You can save your visuals in to your account, from where you can re-open and edit it.

One time registration gives ability to create infographics on blank canvas as well edit an existing theme. In terms of information share ability around social media, Easel.ly offers great opportunity for newsrooms. You can download visuals as jpg file as well share them online through web link. Webmaster can put their visuals on their blog or website using embeddable code. Likewise, clicking on “public”, you can share your infographic on the Easel.ly repository.

Good points:

  • Create charts and illustration online with drag and drop feature
  • Gives predefined theme with direct access features
  • You can create your graphics either from white sheet or themes
  • Best for creating sophisticated looking infographics
  • Equips with diagrammatically stunning and flexible blank slate
  • Provides pre-made vector arts
  • 4 predefined and fully customizable themes with several types of visual objects, shapes and numerous stylistic effects
  • You can edit visual and even resize objects
  • Duplication tool enables users to copy or paste same objects more than 1 time
  • Registration allows users to save, share or edit visuals
  • Download visuals in jpg file and share them online through web link
  • You can also place your visuals on your blog or website using embeddable code
  • Get started either through pre-made visuals or registration
  • Additional lets users to upload image manually from their computer drive

Bad points:

  • Only offers static chart images, so you can not create custom charts

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