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Checkthis.com: Write, Share & Get Instant Result

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Create and share any single webpage at CheckThis.com just in a few minutes. This new micro-publishing service is planned for people who require a little more space than a tweet, but do not wish to go through the annoy of setting up a new blog. Everyone is a creator like musicians, photographers, artists, writers, etc. in today’s age of easy technology. Now, you can add website designer to that list with CheckThis.com. In fact, you need to check it for yourself to fully wrap your head around it.

Checkthis.com: Write, Share & Get Instant Result

CheckThis has been founded in January 2011 by Frederic della Faille. The service has been described by the creator as ‘between nothing and a blog’ and even ‘tweets with attachments’, both are good ways to highlight what CheckThis is about. Eventually, his goal was to make a publishing tool that assists people do things online which generally take some time such as posting a recruitment ad, selling a product, etc. and make the experience as quick and smooth as posting a status update on Facebook or Twitter, without need of registration. The convenient design and straightforward features are valued by the most users; though this is the same reason why a few users see CheckThis as a mediocre web page creation tool. Any elaborate templates or extra features, which provide users additional functionality and customization alternatives, are not added by the site.

CheckThis is available for free to all internet users, as well no subscription fees charged to construct any of the web page types presented. All users get the similar level of access to all features. At CheckThis, users get one of the cleanest, most Spartan designs probable in a web page builder. The page features a dark header with big, square buttons that allow the user toggle amid page types. Every page is lightly colored and provides the user with clear and fundamental instructions to assist them through the page creation procedure. Based on the page type user can choose the app’s interface walks the user through the procedure.

To get started, simply hit on the “Sign in” button located at the left side of the homepage. Then you are asked to log-in to your Twitter, Facebook, Google account or sign-up (optional). After that it’s an easy matter to follow the icons on the screen to add your related data. It lets marketers, business owners, creative types and anyone else to share videos, photos, and text on a unique URL without going through the difficulty of adding a page to a website.

You are offered 4 options to select from: Tell, Sell, Ask and Invite. In the first option, you can write anything and share it with the world. The next option Sell allows you to upload an image of the product, specify the condition of product, add contact and price details of the item you desire to sell, etc. In Ask option, one can add any question. In last Invite option, mention few info about your event and specify the date, time, place and price. Use any of the above options, key in the necessary information, and publish it. Then, the website will provide you a link which you can share to enlarge the exposure of that post. You can even set background color, and do settings like visibility and expiration. In order to manage all your pages and posts, you should sign up for a free account on CheckThis.

Positive points:

  • A handy online utility for users to publish anything
  • Create and share a single, attractive webpage within minutes
  • Photos can be displayed on web pages
  • Service available wholly free, no subscription fees or other charges
  • No sign up required; login with your Twitter, Facebook or Google account
  • Get clear instructions on each page creation form
  • Specifically halfway among Twitter and a blogging platform
  • Sharing is with big Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and email buttons

Negative points:

  • No elaborate templates or additional features

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