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TheWallMachine.com: Fool your Friends via Fake Facebook Wall

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In this busy life, people can not get enough time to enjoy their life, so sometimes they make their friends fool to have fun. They use number of tricks to joke around with their friends like exchange the signs on the ladies and men’s rest rooms, make a call from wrong number, etc. Now, they have a chance to make their friend fool on Facebook profile. The wall machine is nice and funny online tool, where they can create fake Facebook wall to prank their friends. Generally, Facebook wall is used for saying something to your friends, but now people can make fun with it.

TheWallMachine.com: Fool your Friends via Fake Facebook Wall

TheWallMachine.com is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tool which gives a platform to make prank walls. Create something different, unbelievable, unacceptable Facebook wall status with the help of the wall machine and share that with your friends. The look of fake wall is same as original wall. The fake Facebook wall is totally customizable so that you can add everything like wall name, sender name, sender’s pic, etc. as per your choice.

How to create fake Facebook wall?

TheWallMachine.com is specially designed for Facebook wall, so you must login in Facebook profile to create Fake Facebook Wall. You can create Facebook wall something different like you are friend with celebrities and they are chatting with you directly. Everything is customizable in fake Facebook wall, so add wall name, sender name and pic, comments, time ago wall posted, time ago comment posted, and all according to your choice which provides more fun. It’s totally enjoyable when you create because you can upload your friend pic as well as post comment from their name. Add fake friendship update and recent activity to make more fun. After making fake Facebook wall, hit the ‘save’ button and get URL for the wall. Share these URL to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc and start having fun.


  • Easy to use
  • Create fake Facebook wall free
  • Fully customizable

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  1. Albern says:

    awesome just loved this site. I pranked my girlfriend yesterday night, she’s really shocked. Must try web tool.

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