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MissTravel.com: Travel and dating with Beautiful Lady/Guy

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Generally, beautiful people get benefited by line cutting, free drinks, getting seat in a bus, etc., but this time they get a jackpot with MissTravel.com, as they can Travel for absolutely free! Beautiful people have their beautiful dreams of exploring the world but no money, whereas Rich people have money but no companion for a trip! Amazing fact, isn’t it? MissTravel.com, an online travel dating site, solves all these problems by pairing both sides for each other. Finally, rich guys can find their Hottie partner to travel with them and gorgeous people can fulfill their dreams by approaching the deep-pocketed guys, and all these possible just with a click of a mouse. The site is based on the unique concept; it provides a platform for people to create profiles and communicate with each other to arrange travel or trips around the world.

MissTravel.com: Travel and dating with Beautiful Lady/Guy

Misstravel.com has been launched on 9th April, 2012 by Brandon Wade, who is also the founder and CEO of other dating websites like SeekingArrangement.com and WhatsYourPrice.com. Unbelievably, the site is considered as one of the best Travel Dating Social Networks despite its short-lived existence and the site has 16,000 members according to ABCNews.com resource. Such a great achievement, isn’t it?

There are two types of memberships offered by the site – Attractive traveler and Generous traveler. Interested people can get started by following an easy two-step process for looking both date and travel at the same time. If you are hot one and have charming personality, then you can be categorized for Attractive traveler, this offers you an opportunity to travel worldwide for free by joining MissTravel.com. At first, you need to select a suitable membership, later on create a profile and importantly, put your one superb photograph. Now, you are on your way of meeting the right travel buddy as you are approved by the site.

On the other hand, if you are financially sound person and want beautiful companion to remove boredom of your lonely trip then sign up at the site with a Generous traveler membership. As mentioned earlier, members need to enter profile and photos for being approved at the site. It is necessary to clear that Generous travelers are those who expected to pay all travel expenses for Attractive traveling members.

After getting registered, both types’ members can use the website for free. But, Generous Travelers have to pay only when they decide to communicate with any Attractive Traveler. Considering this, there is no charge for browsing hundreds of thousands of real members worldwide. Members can choose to email a member directly or they may send a Travel Invitation to other members.

Many people have registered at the site, search your best. As and when you found your perfect match, just propose for a trip with him or her. The site offers three different kinds of trips: Travel With Me, Come to Me and Show Me Your Town. If you would like to find someone for traveling with you to the New destination, then choose Travel with Me, a first type. Second option – Come to Me – is preferred for those who wish for someone to travel to him or her Home city. At last, Show Me Your Town – if you are interested to visit someone at his/her Home city.

At the time, when Generous travelers and Attractive travelers are ready to plan their trip; Attractive traveler gets double benefits, as we know that he or she travel for free. While Generous travelers have to purchase credits to communicate with any Attractive Traveler. The actual trip can be planned in detail as and when a generous member unlocks communication. Here two options are available for communication – choose to skip the trip proposal and send a message. It is good to opt for a trip proposal as this saves your money from wasting with non-serious members.

The site greatly focuses on the tagline “Who needs money, beautiful people travel free!” This reflects that the site rewards beautiful people for their gorgeousness. Attractive traveler can travel anywhere around the world and enjoy staying in luxury hotels for nothing…  just because they are pretty. The rich people including doctors, lawyers, athletes and others like to travel with a pretty companion; through this site, an attractive traveler will be put in contact with these generous travelers.

Men and women both can freely sign up as an Attractive or Generous user. Actually, 99 percent of the Generous users (wealthy member) are signing up on the site while 80 percent members of “Attractive traveler” are women.

If you have tempting personality but don’t have enough guts to travel with strangers, then also there is something for you here. All of you can still earn free travel on MissTravel.com through Flyer miles program. Sometimes, generous member just want an online friend or want to travel to your home or city someday (not now) in such cases, they are still able to gift you Frequent Flyer miles. Once the attractive members collect over 25,000 Frequent Flyer miles, he or she will be eligible to transfer these earned miles to their Frequent Flyer program with any of the major Airlines (*) in a way, they can exchange them for free travel.

Although, founder Brandon Wade insists that MissTravel is not an escort service, one can easily sense about the reality based on transparent aims of some of the male and female users. Wade says that the site is designed so that users have fun and keep an open mind, meanwhile it also makes them remember to be safe and offers some safety guidelines like, “Never travel out of the country or to a different city to meet someone you do not know well.” Also, it recommends that members should have a common sense approach when they agree to travel with a stranger.

Overall, there are some risks while traveling with the strangers but if you considered yourself enough confident and lucky one to have the appealing personality, then try this amazing site at least for a once ….


  • Site can be accessed for looking date or travel partner
  • Beautiful people have an opportunity to travel worldwide for free
  • Get approved by listing profile and photo only
  • Attractive traveler will be put in contact with generous travelers
  • Financially sound person can find beautiful companion for traveling
  • Generous travelers pay all travel expenses for Attractive traveling members
  • Two types of membership – the Attractive traveler and the Generous traveler
  • Men and women both can be eligible to sign up as an Attractive or Generous user
  • Both types’ of members can access the website for free
  • No charge for browsing hundreds of thousands of real members worldwide
  • Generous Members can email a member or send a Travel Invitation to attractive members
  • Offers three different kinds of trip proposals
  • Attractive traveler has not to pay any money to communicate
  • Attractive traveler can earn free travel through Flyer miles program
  • Generous travelers can gift Flyer miles to Attractive Traveler
  • Safety guidelines are offered by the site


  • Generous travelers have to purchase credits to communicate with any Attractive Traveler

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