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MeWe.com: Social Networking website gives all privacy in User Hand

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Facebook, Twitter, and other social network sites are all around, but they fail when it comes to privacy. Try MeWe.com and enjoy free, most secure and private communications.

Facebook and other social sites are opened up to everyone, so it is impossible to stay safe on such unrestricted place. They just pretend to be safe but not at all. Security issues seem to crop up every day here, leaking and misusing personal information by moot “friends” and applications. E-mail address, date of birth, and family members … all are easy pickings for identity thieves even provide enough data to access bank account. If you make them available to everyone, there are more chances for scammers to use it to defraud you. If you care for your privacy, go for the next generation in communication technology – MeWe.com. It is the world’s private communication network, offering complete privacy, full control and cutting-edge features that advance social sharing, cloud storage, and both personal and group communication – all at a single platform. So enjoy your online life with privacy, safety, and simplicity.

MeWe.com: Social Networking website gives all privacy in User Hand

MeWe offers a safe and private platform for people to easily connect and share their everyday lives freely. It is a direct Facebook/Google+ competitor that is built by Sgrouples, Inc. and the brainchild of leading online privacy advocate and social media founder Mark Weinstein, co-founder Jonathan Wolfe and full support of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web. This is free to use and makes money without tracking information of its members.

At MeWe, you can communicate 1-to-1 as well as in groups with your friends, family, co-workers, and more. MeWe allows creating a group to communicate with specific people at once. Here, you can also create separate groups for your family, friends, and co-workers. What’s great about MeWe is that whenever you share a post with a group, that post is only visible to that one group and not other groups. MeWe is your safe place to share photos, videos, documents, voice messages, privacy mail, chats and lots more.

For starters, basic services like sharing photos, videos, documents, chat, discussions, voice messaging, etc., and up to 8GB of storage, all are free. Then if you want more, you can add up to 500GB of data storage; print your pictures; select coupons; download apps from the MeWe App Store (coming in 2015); and select from other cool choices for more entertainment. Also, enterprise version will be released in 2015 for companies who want MeWe for private team collaborations.

“Privacy by design” is built into every aspect of the network at MeWe. Best thing about MeWe is that all your content belongs to you, and you are the owner of your information and content. It doesn’t share any personal information about you or content with with anyone (third-party advertisers, search providers, and ad networks). Also, it doesn’t spy on you or your content that means no chance of Illegal activity, if so, appropriate actions will be taken.

At MeWe.com, you are in charge of who can join your MeWe groups and what they can do. You can control your permissions, privacy, and who can access your content. MeWe is invite only, and offers complete privacy, so no one – even from other MeWe groups – can see into yours. It is up to you whether you allow some people to post or just view your content.

MeWe is all about privacy, as it offers enhanced permission controls to deal with permissions on a granular level and make out exactly who sees what. It allows you to control what others see in public searches. You can also take out yourself from the search directory, by making yourself invisible to other members online, etc.

For business purpose, you can allow team members to create separate MeWe groups solely for the purpose of discussing about the working projects. You may glad to know that you can customize profile for every group you create or join. Another best thing is that facial recognition technology is not used here. And most importantly, MeWe does not use tracking cookies. It does not track you personally and never sell your personal data.

MeWe comes with a list of great features, like My World – wherein you will get customized personal news feed with full user control and no creepy ads or nuisance strangers. In My Cloud, users are provided with 8 GB of free space to store everything you post. Voice integration feature is offered to post pictures, videos, or documents with a voice message. You are free to respond to a shared post or just chat. It is great that you are allowed for universal tagging to sort and find almost any kind of content in easy way. If you want to can contact one or more of your team members in a private thread – go for Direct Messaging.

Events Calendar is also offered to keep you up to date with work schedules, meetings, etc. If you have multiple organizations and use MeWe for business, you can add events to your company’s group calendar so all of your team can see togather. If necessary, you can see your calendar complete with schedules from each of your networks. To manage all of your MeWe groups and post all in one dashboard – What’s New feed is also here.

With Editable Documents feature, you can upload and edit documents in real time, knowing who is making changes. Discussion is very useful feature to share and discuss from a single place. MeWe allows you to link to and/or connect to third party websites, advertisers, vendor products, services, etc., including social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others, but during you are no longer protected by MeWe’s Privacy Policy. This is your decision all your responsibilities.

One of its key features is that it can be easily integrated with Facebook as well as Twitter and LinkedIn so that Facebook content automatically shows up on MeWe. If you want to download your content, you can… anytime, from anywhere.

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