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Meetup.com: Meet together to Share, Learn and do Something

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Join Meetup.com to form groups and plan offline meetings with people having similar interests in your town, and enjoy fun of sharing, learning and doing something together.

Technology is considered to be responsible for disconnecting people from each other…but in fact, it brings us together. Social networking sites become highly popular, just because it is the easiest way to stay connected with family and friends across the world. They also have positive influence on society for entertainment as well as education. It is believed that if you are surrounded with people of same interest, you feel much comfortable in your learning. Wanna try; just join Meetup.com, a local community organizing network that makes it easy for anyone to create a local group or find one from the thousands already available for meeting up face-to-face. Must join the world’s largest network of local groups, it connects people in your town to meet- up for sharing something, learning something and doing something of your interest.

Meetup.com: Meet together to Share, Learn and do Something

This amazing group-building and networking platform was founded in 2002, before MySpace, Facebook, Twitter come into the field. At first, there was Friendster then Meetup paved in 2002. After one year in 2003, MySpace began its meteoric rise. On passing two years of connecting people, Facebook was first appeared on Harvard University students’ screens, then in 2006, Meetup said hello to Twitter. At now, it is becoming more popular and widespread and boasts nearly 20 million members. A Meetup happens every 13 seconds with more than 90,000 Meetup Groups.

The attack on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001 was fundamental part in creating this social network. Meetup co-founder Scott Heiferman publicly stated that the way, in which people in New York came together after that harrowing event, inspired him to use the Internet to facilitate easy connecting of people with strangers in their community.

Meetup’s mission is to revive local community also help people around the world creating group with people having similar interest. Unlike other social-media, Meetup doesn’t force to spend much time on its platform; in contrast, it works for creating connections that push you offline. It means members have to walk away from the web and walk into the real-world to go somewhere and do face to face interactions with same interest people.

You can say that Meetup is working on something different, as it makes use of the Internet to get people off the Internet for meeting up face-to-face. As mentioned above, Meetup facilitates offline group meetings in different localities around the world. This popular website is all about organizing real-life gatherings to share same interest, same passion, new ideas, new activities, much…much more.

Meetup is a universal social network particularly designed for creating groups. Herein, you are connected with people who live nearby and share your interests. It allows you find and join groups from a wide variety of group categories including Automotive, Books, Film/TV, Education, Games, Hobbies, Pets and Politics & Activism, and many more. Another best thing is that each group comes with dozens of sub–categories. For example, Hobbies group consists of Scrapbooking, Travel, Dance, Paranormal, Art and Photography, etc. so you can make best choice within few clicks!

At first, select your interested group and then narrow down your search by sub–categories or keyword. Before creating your Group, get clear about the purpose of group and some details about your first Meetup. Now, make your login at the site and click Start at the top. Enter information about the location, and you are asked to select from up to 15 topics that are linked to the Group. Next, you have to enter the Group name, Group description, What are members called? along with Web address: form fields. Now, you are ready to begin organizing Meetups. At last, don’t forget to thank people for attending in person also online.

During your Meetup, it is good to take pictures and better yet, capture video to publicize your Group online. You can do something that makes your event or Meetup special, but don’t overdo it. Just make your Meetup excited… let attendees know that you are shooting them for more fun and encourage attendees to share the details, both online and by word of mouth. Also, you can add in a media release statement into your registration materials so that you can use these image or videos in your print and digital marketing materials for business purpose.

Individuals can use Meetup to organize offline gatherings of likeminded people for a common purpose, like social networking. Business firms can also use Meetups to connect customers in really easy manner than a simple Like or Follow. By organizing or participating in group, Meetup helps you gain consumer, product & brand insights, enhancing your real-world visibility. It is really beneficial to use Meetup for launching products, holding trainings, enhancing brand awareness by CSR events and other branded events, and generate sales leads. And once you put your business profiles on Meetup.com, it greatly helps you expand your online visibility in search results that means good traffic.

The only downside to Meetup is the membership fees. It is totally to create an account, attend events and join a Meetup Group, however you are charged for fee to organize the group. as membership fees is charged, means the website is free from annoying ads and pop–ups. Fees collected by group organizers vary based on the amount of Group members.

Meetup is really about getting people to collide, and to mesh together, and come together as friends. However it’s really world-changing, you can say it’s Meetup magic!

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