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Lifeables.com: Collect all Moments at one place from Social Networks

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Social Networks connects people worldwide at one single place. No matter from where you belong, as it can be accessed from anywhere around the world. There is a no full stop for social networks; as the day passed the list of social networking site is becoming wider. Every day, people share pictures of their life’s most memorable events like marriage, traveling, birthday, etc. as well they post about each other on social networks. Being a parent is really wonderful experience. If there is a newborn in your life, then perhaps, you will share posts and pictures of your newborn on different social networks. How you feel if you get the single location from where you can access your shared memories related with your child’s lives. Now, time has come to glad you because Lifeables lets parents to gather, organize, preserve and share wide range of social media memories like videos, pictures, comments and stories that showcase the detail of your children’s lives.

Lifeables.com: Collect all Moments at one place from Social Networks

Social media is easy way to end up with data spread all over the web, but it makes sharing little bit hard. As for sharing memories with your friends and family, you have to email a link as well ask them to register for couple of new services just to spot all your images and videos. But now, with the lifeables service, you can collect all your scattered data in single place for easy view. It is a web-based service where parents can easily record and preserve all the moments and milestones which are located on their social media like facebook, twitter, or Instagram accounts and explains the story of their children’s lives. No need of concerning about your hard drive crashing because you can access your photos and videos on Lifeables.com with any internet-connected device.

The main aim of the lifeables is “Never Miss a Memory”. It is the best and unique collection engine for today’s modern family to gather videos, photos and posts from all potential sources. It is also become helpful to remove privacy concerns which still related with social networks. Lifeables detects and collects children related photos and posts from your social networking platforms like facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. It is planning to include Picasa network in the list of supported social media. It has specially created to do the work for you in 2010. You don’t need to redraft memories and accumulate information; you just need to import content from your social media accounts to take the advantage of the service. It easily connects you with family, friends, and parents so that you can collect, share and preserve memories and moments that you forget to enjoy.

Sign up is necessary to get started; for it, fill all requested information and start the process of generating “Lifeables” account for you. As soon as you sign up, you will get welcome page which ask about your newborn or expected child. You have to enter complete details about kids if you want to collect kid’s related posts, pictures and comments in single place. Creating and sharing your child profile is so easy with this latest service. If you have no child, then you can skip this page and jump in to the second steps, where you have to add social connections for collecting content.

Users can connect their social connection by login in particular account. For example, if you want to add facebook account you have to login in facebook profile first. It presents pictures and posts your social networking profile. It enables users to upload photos from computer and mobile phones. The child story is assembled automatically. No matter where your pictures, post and videos are stored, because you are able to add them quickly in to your kid’s story on Lifeables. Adding your own thoughts and reflection as well as well inviting contacts to add their perspectives are also possible with lifeables. The content generates “Collectables”, which are the entity elements that come together to create “Lifeables”.

Lifeables is packed with range of accessible features like freedom to import content from social media as well as allow users to upload email content. You can share your created lifeables with your friends and family members. Lifeables is based on ultra-secure technology that securely shares and stores all your loved memories in their digital vault which is fully timeless. Users can use it free of charge. It is really become an enjoyable when all your contacts (family and friends) comment for the posted pictures, videos and experiences.


  • Easy to use service
  • Collects digital media like pictures, video and posts about your children from your social network
  • Supports all social networks facebook, twitter and Instagram
  • Record and Preserve all the moments and milestones
  • Upload photos from computer
  • Access lifeables from any internet connected device
  • Involving all generations and family members in both the telling and remembrance of the family’s story
  • Use the storage space totally free of charge
  • Collects and view kid’s story automatically

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