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iKnow.io – Create, discover and share fascinating insights

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Do you want to share fascinating insights? If so, then visit a data and knowledge gathering application – iKnow.io, which allows you to discover, create and share fascinating insights about everything from movies and sports to politics and economics.

Communication and Knowledge sharing are human nature…which increases our knowledge horizon, gains information and gives 360 degree of knowledge awareness. Further, we come across updates on current development in the field of interest. At present, we can access different sources to get up-to-date news and general information. However, we can’t get all types of news from a single place because world news come from one place while sport news come from another, so we have to access more place to get up to date knowledge. Wikipedia is great source to get and share knowledge but now movie buffs and political wonks can satisfy their appetite for trivia in a more interactive platform. Iknow.io is the latest data-driven knowledge sharing community that delivers interesting insights in the news and collects fascination information that lies behind the main story. It gives information about movies, music, sports, economics, politics, and more, to make it possible for public analysis, sharing and discussion. On this innovative platform, you can generate, discover, and share your own insights about everything from movies and sports to politics and economics and all things in between.

Sharing movies, politician, spots regarding insights

Looking for details about movies, music, politics, etc.? Then iknow.io is a good online source that makes the world’s data accessible and useful to the people that care. It is a place where you can find all the fascinating news, in one easy-to-view scrollable place. An iknow.io insight is a set of results and visualization created by utilizing data analysis tools. One can use this website for comparing two actors and their incomes from movies they starred in; or comparing a list of all congress people that sponsored legislation of a certain type. It collects data from many sources and makes it possible to search it by multiple variables.

It is a knowledge sharing platform, so when you find something interesting on this site, you can save it as an insight to your profile. After that, you can invite people to view it, discuss it, like it and share it. Iknow.io encourages users to generate insights so that they can enjoy all interesting things that they find using site’s data and tools.

Getting started is a little bit difficult; but at the starting point, you should use site’s insights to learn about the tools. Interface of the site is very simple and user-friendly. At present, one can discover insights about movies, US congress, NBA, music, economics, crime, baseball and politics. You can access trading, newest and all time favorite insights right from the home page. Popular topics can also be accessed on the home page.

No need of any registration for creating insights…for it you have to just explore data and create insights. At first, you have to select your interested category, then select tool like head to head, data navigator, degrees of separation, advanced charts, map maker, and time line. Then, enter appropriate details about your category and tool. After creating your insights, save it as insight in your profile and then invite your friends and other colleagues to view it, share it, and review it. But for it, you have to register on the site with required details.

Head to Head comparison tool is one of the best ways to get started and understand the actual work of site. If you have selected head to head tool, then here you can compare almost any combination like Actor A vs. Actor B, Movie A vs. Movie B, Politician A vs. Politician B. By entering a name of them, you will get interesting insights about them. To make your insight more interesting, you can add additional comparisons, analysis and captions.

Data navigator is really good feature of the site, by which you can create really deep knowledge queries just by utilizing an intuitive point-and-click interface. It is really good feature for answering any particular query or for discovering and learning about data in details. Every insight created using data navigator, shows you the question that was used to create the results. There is also “Open in Data Navigator” button, which allows users to re-create their query for them, filters and all, inside the data navigator.

All insights and query can be modified easily to get something new and interesting. Don’t worry about changes as it does not affect your original insight. Head to Head insights gives ability to access how they were made. Click on “Open in Head to Head” on any insight, and obtain the similar insight data in the editing mode. After that, you can edit, add, remove or re-order components that you want to get new result. Currently, it provides movies data from freebase and opus data; and US congress data from Influence Explorer, Govtrack.us, Freebase; and NBA data from SportsData LLC, Freebase, databasebasketball.com, BasketBallvalue.com, and The Association for Professional Basketball Research.


  • Good place to increase knowledge
  • Share your insights with others
  • Create and discover fascinating insights
  • Provides different types of category to explore data
  • Supports best tool to analyze insights
  • Compare movies, actors, and politicians with head to head tool
  • Do editing after creating insights

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