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Familyleaf.com: A place where your Family Privacy Matter a Lot

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The population on this planet is increasing by leaps and bounds. No matter the generation has been changed than what was it hundred years ago, still human society is based on families. So, your family history matters a lot as your true identity depends on it. Morever, if history is fortune then family history is personal fortune. There are social networks for not only friends, but also for work, relationships as well as families. Here comes a new web service, Familyleaf that wants to make a social network for the family. It allows you and all your family members to connect with each other in a private setting. It is an ideal place for sharing photos and videos, safe from the eyes of strangers.

Familyleaf.com: A place where your Family Privacy Matter a Lot

No doubt that huge scale of social networks like Facebook and Google+ are truly amazing in several ways. The initiative that half a billion people can sign up to a particular service and exchange phone numbers is really surprising. Though for some folks it can even be rather upsetting and also daunting for people who favor a somewhat more quiet life. There are lots of sites that have attempted to address the family social networking angle, however one great thing about FamilyLeaf is that it’s free to utilize now and very simple to get started. Social networks for families have been always famous such as Family Crossings and Familytic are released at a stable rate, and now it is the turn of FamilyLeaf. If you wish to catch hold of a fine corner of the Web and make it a portion of your family life, then FamilyLeaf is good option to try.

FamilyLeaf has been created by 19 years old and childhood friends Wesley Zhao and Ajay Mehta. This start-up has been founded only before few weeks and both co-founders received financing and assistance from Y Combinator, a seed fund in Mountain View, Calif. Currently, there is a waiting list to join the site as after the site opened, demand soon surpassed beyond competence. Wesley Zhao and Ajay Mehta found it awkward to add parents, uncles and aunts on Facebook, also they know it’s useless to keep an ever-changing paper address book. They had shown a picture of the classic printed excel spreadsheets of family phone numbers, birthdays and email addresses. FamilyLeaf is planned to replace that sheet and as a substitute, gives a digital way for staying in touch. FamilyLeaf is confident in its objective and is hoping to take on more funding.

According to founders, they want to bring in older generations. As well, they are on the mode to make the site more internationally-friendly. In addition to English, there are many other versions including Greek, Hindi, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and Italian. Besides families of Zhao and Mehta’s, other Y Combinator founders have also signed on and found out that the site has been mainly resounding for people who have plentiful long-distance connections, perhaps it’s much harder to maintain with people when they’re in various timezones.

FamilyLeaf is similar to Facebook, but for the secure communication of family members. The interface of the service is pretty clean. FamilyLeaf is an obvious try to cater for those people who favor intimate locations. As soon as, you activate a network of FamilyLeaf, you can utilize it as a sort of private, centralized digital locker – you can share contact details, pics, and post messages to your family. Presently photos can be taken from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Instagram, or from a user’s hard drive. For family matters, this new online service is a web repository – you recognize the kind of thing, birthdays, etc. Actually the concept is that you don’t require all additional stuff what you acquire on Facebook, all you need is a mode to stay in touch with your Uncle in California, and swap the special photo at Christmas or Birthday times. Everything can be done through the site’s homepage, and one can even update the page by sending to an email address (automatically the site links it up as per the email address). Email uploading is the key for developing the site as this is how lots of families already share photos and other information nowadays.


  • Collect all your family details in one interface.
  • Limits an individual’s network in a diverse way – for family members only.
  • Create private social networks to share photos, info like birthdays and addresses, etc.
  • Share photos with your family from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, etc.
  • Site is available in many languages.


  • No place for friends as it is made simply for family members.

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