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Facebook.com/videocalling – Call your Friends for Conversations

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Video calling is now also become possible with facebook.com/videocalling. Users of Facebook can get free video calling facility, together with Group Chat and a new chat interface design. Now you can see each other’s faces while calling after joining with Facebook new feature.

Facebook.com/videocalling - Call your Friends for Conversations

Facebook has introduced new video chat features through integration with Skype on 6th July, 2011. Facebook.com/videocalling permits users to start a video chat session with other person by just two clicks. Video calling is built into the company’s chat platform. It is one of the easiest ways to get attached with video. During the video calling you can also converse with multiple people. Currently, people think that they should have a Skype application to start video chat on Facebook. But reality is different; they can use video calling service without downloading and installing the Skype application on their computer or laptop. They just need a Skype plug-in that works on Facebook. Facebook video calling service is only working on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari. It is not capable to support on Linux platforms.

How to start video calling on Facebook?

To start video calling on Facebook, first login in to your Facebook account and visit ‘www.facebook.com/videocalling’. Once you open it, click video chat option in client chat icon. You can use video calling service when your friends are online. After that set up video calling to talk with your friend face to face, for this you just need to complete one time set-up.

To set up video calling service on your facebook, save Facebook video call set up file and run it on your computer. Once you complete it, you will be able to enjoy your first call as soon as your friends give an answer. For video calling, user must have a webcam. With your video calling features, site also offers new chat features which allow users to chat with multiple users in one conversation.


  • Do face to face conversion with your friends
  • Don’t require to install Skype applications, need only Skype plug-in


  • Don’t work on Linux platforms

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User Reviews

29 User Reviews of Facebook.com/videocalling – Call your Friends for Conversations
  1. manuel malinao says:

    good for all

  2. beatriz says:

    ilove like it

  3. beatriz says:

    love it

  4. rosenda says:

    its nice…
    …good for every body…!!

    thumbs up..

  5. Fetalus says:

    I am using facebook and now really addicted to it. I am waiting for video calling services from long time and thanks today to get such features with, new improved buddy list, group chat and more…

    Is video calling possible in group?

  6. Geno says:


    No. Video calling in group is not possible rightnow in facebook due to privacy policy or may be other reason, but we hope that Mark Zuckerberg will start it soon.

  7. mhelden rolle says:

    i like to do video chat in facebook. Pretty awesome speed and quality… Nice tool.

  8. ohnexarabit says:

    i lab it d video calling happy

  9. donna_arabit says:

    i lyk it@i lab it…

  10. gilda says:

    I like to do video chat in facebook

  11. lhaitera chiq says:

    its nice video calling

  12. titaandz says:

    I already install video calling to my facebook but the problem is there have no video icon on chat window. Now I cannot use video calling. Why is it? I need your answer please… Thank you and Godbless!

  13. admin says:


    You should visit facebook.com/videocalling, then click on GREEN button called “Start Video calling”. As you click on that button the browser pops up with “FacebookVideoCallSetup_v1.2.199.0.exe” and tell you to download and install. you just have to give time to download and then install. After installing this file I think you will get video call icon on the top-right of the chat window.

    Enjoy Video calling.

  14. troy apacible says:

    Good luck on Face book video calling……

  15. aashu says:

    good luck on facebook video calling alwayssssssss

  16. jam says:

    I visited facebook.com/videocalling lots of times. It still says “Video calling will be available soon. Please check back later.” My friends and cousins already tried it, I cannot. Been checking for 4 days now. What should I do? Need help… thanks.

  17. admin says:

    I think you haven’t mentioned whole thing. Are you using linux? If you are using linux then I am sorry to say that you will have to wait for some little more time.

  18. Geno says:

    Another Update:

    As i have heard from several user reporting on forum, the New facebook video calling feature is still not showing in lots of facebook users’ account due to high spamming security. It will be available soon for all facebookers without any bug, so stay tuned with facebook video calling page.

  19. junjun says:

    one of the million that support a new latest from facebook..thanks

  20. manny says:

    cant access here in qatar

  21. rafeek says:

    hi am trying to use video call but it is not getting am try ed all the way am using windows7 plz help me

  22. joe-joe ranada says:

    im trying video call but it cant show icon in my chat.. i receieve call from my freinds.. i canot call them.

  23. fujiko_mine01 says:

    jam says: July 13, 2011 at 8:26 am

    I visited facebook.com/videocalling lots of times. It still says “Video calling will be available soon. Please check back later.” My friends and cousins already tried it, I cannot. Been checking for 4 days now. What should I do? Need help… thanks.

    -im experiencing the same way dude.. im not using linux.. T_T help.. thx

  24. mars robins says:

    completed the whole set up..plugin downloaded and installed..this on chrome..even made a video chat with a friend who invited me with the link set up..after that,i waited for my own video icon on chat bar but it does not appear..maybe need to use IE or Mozilla??

  25. khan anwar ali says:

    my nme is anwar.i was try to mke my facebook video calling frm last 2 month. but every tme sme ‘video calling will available soon.so facebook can u plzzzzzzz check and up to date all video calling bcoz every one need tht so plzzzzzz help us thanks…

  26. crisky says:

    im happy with my family

  27. admin says:

    If you have any problem with Chrome Browser than Firefox is better option for it…

  28. Roop says:

    hi friends..even i tried to download video calling but it again says to check later as it is not available..im using Internet explorer.. Pls help..Thanks…

  29. SWAPNIL says:

    I have chckd so many times for video chat but it says v chat will be available soon.what shld i do pls help…i have chcked it on all browser…..

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