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Ello.co: New Ad-Free Social Networking Website

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Social network users are flocking to Ello.co – the new advertisement-free, invite-only, fake-name-friendly, alternative social network, featuring a minimalist design.

Meet Ello – the latest attempt at creating a Facebook killer. Ello is the invite-only social network described as the “anti-Facebook”, and its founders are adamant that the site will never have ads or sell users’ data. Facebook was once very hot and exclusive club, but now some folks find it to be frustrating, filled with ads and auto-playing videos. So, this time seems to be the best for the rise of a new platform i.e. Ello. Surprisingly, Ello had 90 total users in August, while it reported receiving as many as 31,000 signup requests per hour by the end of September, several of whom flocked to there due to a disagreement with Facebook over its rule of displaying real names, which some say is unfair to LGBTQ and transgender users. The concept of a free and open social network, without advertising and other nuisances seems good on its surface, however only time will tell what the future holds for Ello. Let’s see here detailed review of new social network Ello and why it is gaining more and more popularity. ello.co: New Ad-Free Social Networking WebsiteIn 2013, Ello was started as a private social network by a group of seven artists and programmers including 47 year old CEO Paul Budnitz, whose earlier experience includes designing bicycles and robots. After passing out of one year, it received so much popularity that the servers could not handle all the traffic and the team created a public version. The social network service was officially launched on April 3; but membership registration was only by invitation.

When you look at Ello, the user interface is dominated by black, gray and white, with user photos and posted photos being the only pops of color. Simple and deliberately light, the users and their content are the focus, whereas other site elements usually go unnoticed. Ello is quiet and calm in comparison to Facebook, which strikes with trending topics, and ads pleading us to click on things our friends “like”.

On Ello site, one can post statuses, change profile images, add friends, and follow people. What’s unique is that you can even label your contacts as either “Friends” or “Noise” and they don’t notice where you’ve sorted them, which is a handy feature for folks who know numerous people they don’t really like. Beyond that, Ello’s dissimilarity is that it doesn’t collect or sell your personal data, proclaiming that “You Are Not A Product”. These days, social media users are heading over to Ello even though there are other Facebook-alternatives like Diaspora and Google+.

How to join Ello?

Signing up for Ello requires an invitation, which can come from a friend who is already active on Ello, or by pressing the ‘Request An Invitation’ button on Ello.co and waiting your turn. Note that each new user receives 25 invites. With tens of thousands of users being added every hour, your chances of getting an invitation are quite good. Once you receive a golden ticket, signing up is easy. You have to select a username (not compulsory to be your real name), which you can change at any time. Unlike Facebook’s sign up process, your gender and birth date are not necessary. Then, you just add friends, create posts, add pictures and can tag other users. You can also select who you want to follow as “Friends” or “Noise.” When you visit the Friends tab, you’ll see entire posts from anyone you’ve marked as a Friend while in the Noise tab, you’ll view a Pinterest-like grid of posts from people you’ve marked as Noise.

Important things to know about Ello:

Ad-free service

Ello prides itself in delivering its services ad-free and assures to never sell any user details in the future. Thus, Ello users will no longer see those irritating ads on the surface of their Facebook news feed or sponsored tweets on Twitter. The company’s policy states that Ello users are “not a product” unlike other social networking sites that track record and covert users’ details and afterward sell it to advertisers. Ello does not make any income from selling users’ details to third parties like data brokers, advertisers or search engines.

No “like” button

Ello doesn’t have a “like” button, but it seems that it will be adding its own version of this feature – a “Love” button, which will be helpful for you to save posts for later reading. You will see the Love button as small heart below user’s post and you will be able to use it to bookmark the post for later use.


As Ello is in beta, we can expect numerous bugs and several features coming soon like user blocking or a mobile app. Lots of features are working perfectly, and others will be coming out in the near future. Ello Facemaker tool could be also available, which can be used to paste the Ello logo on your face, hiding your persona and becoming one with the Elloans.

What makes Ello different?

Ello was designed in answer to the various controversial Facebook policies, particularly the one that forces users to display their real names. Sometimes a definite level of anonymity is required while using a social networking site like you don’t want a potential employer to know about your private life, so it makes sense that several would feel enlightened by using an alias.

Ello is not so much different than other social networks as it also uses modern approaches to organizing your friends, finding content, or inspiring your experience. Here, what you receive is a blending of Tumblr and Twitter – Like Tumblr, you can post images and write thoughts. Like Twitter, you can @mention people, and those mentions display on your profile, in addition to theirs.

How will Ello earn money?

As Ello is wholly against selling user details to third parties, they have to find another source of income. It seems that Ello will make money to cover their operating costs (and eventually make a profit) by offering users premium features to those who pay for them. This business model can make enough profits to maintain the site’s ad-free philosophy.

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