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Dropr.com: A home for Search and share All Creation

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A Belief that only special, talented people are creative is totally wrong……. As everyone is born with natural creativity, but the problem is, usually we don’t realize it. In the real world, you can use any space for conducting exhibition or meeting. As well, we know that video, music, picture, text and interactive art have their own places and separate communities; but now Dropr crashes the wall and allow creativity of all backgrounds and media for presenting work, and collaborating or connecting with worldwide creative minds at one place. At this online platform, artists can work with different background artists, for example: Musicians work with photographers, animators with sculptors, video makers with writers, etc. No matter whether you want to present your creative art in front of the world or get inspiration about creation from the work of creative minds, because dropr.com enables users for exploring or sharing all creation with easy access on the web.

Dropr.com: A home for Search and share All Creation

The world we live in is more creative than ever. UK-based start up, Dropr is the first online portfolio that has been founded in 2010 by Matt Cyrankiewicz for giving unique and single platform for all creative heads. In short, it works equally best for painter, animator, writer, musician and photographer, so people can publish any type of work from text to photo, from videos to HTML5 animation without any restrictions. It enables users to share all most common online media including IMAGE, AUDIO, VIDEO, FLASH, TEXT & even ARTWORK. Dropr is planning to develop their online source for most popular mobile internet and awesome cloud computing.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional trying to build a name in the creative field, Dropr is one of the best places to host your creative portfolio. It’s really simple, innovative, free, and easy to use!!! It is best total-multimedia art sharing platform that welcomes users to share and explore creative stuff. It is inventive and even ground-breaking, when it comes to technology used and its interface. Best of all, it is clean and uncluttered by any advertising, so all pieces are served in their full glory. Its fabulous stretchy interface pushes media content to the very front. Besides inviting multi-disciplinary creative, it also connects those that are separated between media-specific platforms.

It requires registration for getting started. Do first time registration either using your Facebook, Twitter or Gmail credentials. After sign up, connect as many or as less social networks like Flickr, Myspace, Behance, SoundCloud, Vimeo and LinkedIn to easily import photos, music and video. You can upload any form of media, and then dropr will mix them as one for you within the portfolio.

When you reach at your personal dropr page, see the Dashboard which is filled with 6 nice projects for inspiration. In every two hours, it will refill your dashboard with another project that you would really like. Your all messages, inspiration and interaction will appear on the dashboard. Filtering your inspiring stuff from the top navigation, you can view creative content without messages or non-art activity updates. On dashboard, you can like or comment on projects as well interact with artwork around the network and gather some pieces and follow other artists.

It also gives interactive search giant exploring theme-specific content by keywords. Here, you can explore portfolios, projects and collections. Project can be searched by project name, author, tags and description. The collection of work uploaded by other users assists you to create slideshows, mood-boards and shareable sets of your likeable pieces. It is great for saving some inspiring stuff for later use.

Again it is straight forward, in terms of making your first portfolio or project…. at the time of creating portfolio, upload highest resolution images because after uploading you cannot change the file size. You can upload only JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP image file format. You can upload content either through drag and drop feature or through hard disk of computer or import from social-media sources.

You can develop your projects as a set of your tracks; while you can upload MP3, WAV, FLAC and OGG format as an audio file. You can also enhance your project with other media. Users don’t need to surf other sections for uploading video files, or Adobe flash and HTML5 work, because you can upload content using same options. You can share text either by typing text or sharing TXT, RTF, DOC file direct from your computer. By sharing creative content manually or drag-and-drop features, you can create a simple, yet beautiful portfolio.

How you feel when you get helping hands in some difficult creativity? You will feel really RELAX…. And Dropr also gives chance to be relaxed at the time of creating portfolio because during the project you can invite other members of the site to join in your project and give them edition rights to create most attractive portfolio. The embed features of the site are really amazing. At the end of any project, you can present your work using simple iFrame code.

You can get more coverage by keeping in mind some important things such as upload high quality work, allow people to know or comment about your projects, tag your projects with some keywords that make your work easy to access, post your portfolios link on other WebPages like creative showcases, forums, etc. You can also use other people’s artwork collection and publish them on your portfolio.

Overall, Dropr is an outstanding platform, where you can create pages for yourself, your band, or company that will always look and work great in any resolution either on mobile or desktop. It uses STRAW system for finding similarities between different users and projects, and suggesting content for you that matches your project perfectly.

Good Points:

  • Host all types of art online including pictures, videos, music, text or interactive experiments and algorithmic art
  • Explore or upload all beautiful creativity in single place
  • Create beautiful portfolio for yourself, your band or company
  • Use STRAW system to find similar interest users and projects
  • Mix all your media together
  • Upload media files either through drag-drop feature or through computer or import from social media network
  • No clutter, no information overload and no ads
  • Post portfolio on website or blog using iFrame code or link
  • Like or comment on other users artwork
  • Gives six project works for inspiration on dashboard after registration
  • Enter new project in every two hours
  • Explore projects, portfolios and collection with appropriate keywords
  • View dashboard inspiration project work without messages or non-art activity updates

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