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2date4love.com – Dating Website for Cancer Survivors

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Everyone desires to make date with their ideal match; but sometimes it can be little difficult for survivors of cancer and other diseases because they cannot connect in sexual interaction to experience and meet love, relationship and companionship at its deepest level. Recently, a 50-year-old cervical cancer survivor, Laura Brashier has launched 2date4love.com for people who cannot have sex either due to disease, disability, illness, or injury but still want to find love.

2date4love.com - Dating Website for Cancer Survivors

A hair stylist from Rancho Santa Margarita, Laura Brashier has introduced 2date4love.com at the starting of this month. The thought for the website arrived from Laura’s own personal frustration. Her condition makes communication too excruciating still now to even attempt sex, so she created website for those people who can’t have sex. 2date4love.com is a unique website compared to other dating sites because you know very well that here sex is completely out of the equation before you submit the first bit of information. Currently the site is set with over 1500 active members.

How it works?

If you are suffering from any diseases and want to make relationship or date with your ideal match, then 2date4love.com is just for you. You have to register on the site to start the use of site. At the time of registration, you have to fill up every section of your personal profile to find perfect match for you. Site works just like other dating websites. Once you become a member of it, you can send emails, search matches, upload photos, etc. Through this site, you can send private message to other members of the site. At this site, users can post about their real life and search same interest people without having to worry about the sexual part. Site also provides dating tips to make your date outstanding and safe.


  • Cancer survivors can make date
  • Send private message and e-mails
  • Find perfect match

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  1. Palio Jeno says:

    Great cause and praisable aim behind this social networking service. Now you can say social network is for all people weather ill or healthy.

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