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Usdirectexpress.com: Get Direct Express Card for federal benefits

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Learn to login, manage, ATM withdrawal and check balance of your us direct express card with your account number online on Usdirectexpress.com.

Government offers federal benefits to help people with disabilities, people aged of 65 and older without disabilities, or people who have worked long enough to get rewards for their loyalty, and so on. One step ahead… the U.S. government offers Direct Express Card for its millions of benefit recipients as safer and more convenient way to get federal benefits. In this digital era, more and more people prefer to pay through electronic payments at full comforts of home/office. Also considering Americans increased preference for debit cards, Government has smartly paved the way for a federal benefit debit card to broadly introduce child support, unemployment insurance, and other economic support offering the state-sponsored debit cards. Direct Express card program would be most preferable alternatives to cash and paper checks. Every time on payment day, federal benefits will be directly deposited into your card account – on time, so no more waiting for the mail. Also now, you can use the card to make purchases, pay bills or get cash at thousands of locations easily, experiencing full safety and comforts. Just make your visit at usdirectexpress.com to know everything about Direct Express card.

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Direct Express is a kind of Debit MasterCard® card and electronic payment option for federal benefits, which is issued by Comerica Bank, a financial agent of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Here Comerica Bank is trusted based on its great experience as a prepaid debit card issuer for most of the state government programs. It offers most services for free to the cardholders, along with option that allows the cardholder to get free automated text, email or telephone messages about their deposits and balance. Comerica Bank also offers a surcharge-free ATM network of almost 50,000 ATMs all through the country.

Usdirectexpress.com, a special page is designed to know all important details related to the card like card features, fees, activation process, rules, and so much. Here, it’s free, fast and easy to sign up for the card. Also, there is no credit check or minimum balance requirement. Anyone, who is receiving federal benefits, can sign up for the card. But if you have a bank account, at first make your sign up for direct deposit.
On receiving your Direct Express card in the mail, you can activate your card by visiting www.USDirectExpress.com and do as directed. Enter your 16 digit card number, the last four digits of your SSN and your date of birth. Also, you will have to select a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the activation of card.

Direct Express card offers the surcharge-free ATM network, so that card holders can get surcharge free ATM access at approximately 50,000 ATMs throughout the country including Comerica Bank, Charter One, Privileged Status, Alliance One, PNC Bank, MasterCard® ATM Alliance, and MoneyPass with.

You can use Direct Express card anywhere, anytime to get cash at ATM machines worldwide that display the MasterCard® acceptance mark. What’s more, you can use it to make purchases and get cash back at any retail locations like grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, convenience stores, etc. that display the MasterCard® acceptance mark. Even, you are allowed to use your Direct Express® card online to pay bills and make Internet purchases.

For each monthly benefit deposit to your Direct Express card account, you will get one FREE ATM cash withdrawal. This free withdrawal is valid through the last day of the next month in which the deposit was credited to your Direct Express® card account. For e.g. if you receive a $300 deposit on May 3, you are allowed to use your one free ATM cash withdrawal at any time during May 3 to June 30.

Direct Express card offers most of the services for free with no cost to sign up and no monthly fees. Also, you are free to make purchases at retail locations, cash back with purchases, or cash withdrawals by bank or credit union tellers. There is no charge to get balance information at ATMs, by phone or online. You are free to get one free replacement card, however charged for extra cards ($4.00 per card). You can get optional notification of deposits to debit card by phone, email or text message also get optional low balance alert if account balances falls below particular level. And, it charges you $.75 cents monthly for monthly paper statement mailed to cardholder.

It offers one free ATM cash withdrawal for each monthly deposit posted to account, but you are charged $.90 per additional withdrawal. No doubt, you are charged for the additional withdrawal, but you can avoid fees using some smart ideas. For ex. instead of getting cash at an ATM, try to use your Direct Express® card to buy money orders at the U.S. Post Office, at stores and retail locations that accept Debit MasterCard to pay for purchases.

Also using a Direct Express® card surcharge-free network ATM, you can reduce the amount of fees that you pay for subsequent withdrawals, after that one free withdrawal. To get cash from a teller free of charge, go to any bank or credit union with MasterCard® acceptance mark. And, you can get free cash back for making a purchase using your PIN number at many places, mainly grocery stores.

Best of all; opt for New Direct Express card, as it comes with lower fees and more features. Card holders can get notice by phone, email, or text message every time their monthly benefit is deposited to debit card account, with free Deposit Notification service sign up. Also with free Low Balance Alert service, a notice will be sent to you by phone, email, or text message whenever your debit card account balance reaches an amount lower than the amount you select. The notice does not affect your use of the card, but warn you about that the balance is getting low.

Direct Express card allows representative payees to receive benefits on behalf of more than one person with a one single card or a separate Direct Express® card for each beneficiary. Also note that Direct Express® card will only accept monies paid to you by the Federal Government. You are not allowed to deposit personal funds onto this card. In case, your Direct Express® Card is lost or stolen, call the Direct Express® card Customer Service Department immediately, at 1 (888) 741-1115 (toll-free). A customer service representative will help you and a new card will be sent to you very soon.

Another best thing is that if the remaining balance in the card account is less than the purchase price, you can still use your Direct Express® card to make a payment. Tell the cashier that you make use of Direct Express® card for a set amount that you will pay and use cash, check, or another card for the rest of the balance. Suppose if you buy groceries for $50, but your card balance is $48.22, just notify the cashier to use your Direct Express® card to pay $48.22 and that you will pay the remaining $1.78 in cash or some other type of payment.

No matter if you live outside the United States…if you receive social security or other benefits, you can sign up for the Direct Express card. Card holders are free to close their card account at any time with no charge. It means they are free to switch to a traditional checking or saving account and receive their payment in direct deposit to avoid any delays with receiving future benefit payments.

Federal Government offers Direct Express card to ease your monthly benefit access, but does not want to hinder your privacy. As per the Right to Financial Privacy Act in Federal law, the Federal Government is not allowed to ask any information about your account also Comerica Bank can not give information to the government about your account without any written permission, except under very limited circumstances.


  • It would be most preferable alternatives to cash and paper checks
  • No more waiting for the mail, as federal benefits will be deposited directly into your card account – on time
  • Used to make purchases, pay bills or get cash at thousands of locations easily
  • No risk for safety, only comforts
  • Card holders can get surcharge free ATM access at about 50,000 ATMs throughout the country
  • Anyone receiving social security benefits can enroll, even if they don’t have a bank account
  • It provides free, fast and easy sign up for the card
  • With simple login, you can check your balance
  • You are allowed to maintain account online, also view account activity
  • Once registered, you can transfer funds direct from card account
  • It provides direct access to the federal benefit money

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