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Hubii.com: Read region wise News

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Certainly, there are many News sites available on the web; but if you are fond of global news then you need to jump from one website to another just to find the latest online news of different locations around the world; this really seems too tedious, isn’t it? Thanks to the Hubii, an amazing web application, designed to give you faster access to the latest news and gives new way for searching news around the world as well discover news that interest you at one convenient place. It follows the unique way as it provides users with the Google map and allows them to search for different news content based on locations. Here you can find the news from around the world by just moving cursor on the map. Just like cherry on the pie, you can read them anywhere and at anytime as per your convenience.

Hubii.com: Read region wise News

Map is very simple and efficient medium for browsing, Hubii is truly dedicated to their users as it adapts this map-system to provide easy searching experience to their valued users. Just zoom in to any interested location on Google Map and find the local newspaper agencies in that particular region. As and when you move through different locations on the map, some markers are visualized on the map. These markers represent the local newspapers available on the map. Users can locate online newspapers around their own area or worldwide by clicking on the related marker; in a way, users can see newspapers as they want and read the news articles, they find interesting. As users move around the map and zoom in, they will notice that displayed news get updated according to the geographical location.

The site offers incredible feature of “Mapazine”. This is your personal magazine which you can customize by subscribing to various publishers from any of the locations you want. This service is free to use as well allows you to customize your Mapazine easily just by clicking on desired Publishers given in the drop-down menu. You can also delete publishers by clicking on (-) button and find more by zooming into the map. If you are unable to find the particular publisher, then just click on ‘Contribute’ in order to add a new publication by providing the URL for the publisher’s RSS feed.

Once done, users can read news from all the publishers they have subscribed to. This saves user’s time for looking the interested news as this service deliver news straight to them, ultimately, users can check the newspaper on the regular basis to catch the fresh and latest ‘buzz’ of the day. You can also filter out news in your Mapazine by different categories like International News, Business & Finance, Sports and more.

If you get registered with Mapazine, you will be able to add articles to your “Read Later” too. After performing a search, you can save that particular search to your Mapazine. Three elements like Read Later, Publishers and Searches can be found on your Mapazine and clearly divided into their individual areas.

There are three control icons on the map like Contribute, Eyenew and Mapfilter to control the news content. Mapfilter is composed with four basic filters such as Publisher Type, Categories, Timeline and Language. Users can select a publisher type from options like Blog, Magazine, Corporate news or Newspaper as well there are several different options for languages, category and timeline. Moreover, you can search for a particular topic and Hubii will quickly find all the related news information for you.

Contribute option helps Hubii to grow; it offers great opportunity to users for referring new newspaper on the site as it want to crunch every single newspaper on the planet as possible. As well, you can add new topics that you find in your area. Another smart feature is the Heatmap – utilized to view the most popular news about which people are talking and which are viewing right now in different parts of the world.

Eyenew, as the name itself suggests, here you can keep an eye on what’s new around the world. It is a visual tool of the site. If you’re a journalist who’s looking for the next stories to cover then this tool works great as along with the use of Heatmap, it makes you to see where in the world the latest news are being produced or read. Additionally, when it comes with the Topic Cloud option, you can see which are the most written and read topics right at the moment.


  • Free service
  • Allows Map browsing system to know the news from around the world
  • Users can locate any local newspapers around their own area or worldwide
  • Offers “Mapazine” personal magazine to read news from subscribed or desired publishers
  • Registration on “Mapazine” directly brings interested news to the member
  • Users can save particular search to “Read Later” of Mapazine
  • Three control icons (Contribute, Eyenew and Mapfilter) on the map to control the news content
  • Mapfilter has four basic filters of Publisher Type, Categories, Timeline and Language
  • Contribute option can be used to add a new publication for Mapazine
  • Eyenew visual tool helps to keep an eye on what’s new around the world
  • Saves time because unwanted news articles can be left out and more interesting ones can be read

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  1. Jacobo says:

    Hi there, I am part of the Hubii team. Thank you very much for such a long and detailed review!
    We are very pleased with how things are coming along so far; we took the product out at the beginning of December but since them we have been keeping a very low profile fixing and improving things.
    We are currently working on the social features which we hope we will have done within the next few weeks so, please, keep tunned!

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